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2023 ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages, and Applications: Software for Humanity (SPLASH Events 2023)
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9th ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Formal Techniques for Safety-Critical Systems (FTSCS 2023), October 22, 2023, Cascais, Portugal

FTSCS 2023 – Preliminary Table of Contents

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9th ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Formal Techniques for Safety-Critical Systems (FTSCS 2023)


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Probabilistic Risk Assessment of an Obstacle Detection System for GoA 4 Freight Trains
Mario Gleirscher ORCID logo, Anne E. Haxthausen ORCID logo, and Jan Peleska ORCID logo
(University of Bremen, Germany; DTU, Denmark)
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Does Rust SPARK Joy? Safe Bindings from Rust to SPARK, Applied to the BBQueue Library
Aïssata Maiga ORCID logo, Cyrille Artho ORCID logo, Florian Gilcher ORCID logo, and Yannick Moy ORCID logo
(KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; Ferrous Systems, Germany; AdaCore, France)
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Solving Queries for Boolean Fault Tree Logic via Quantified SAT
Caz Saaltink ORCID logo, Stefano M. Nicoletti ORCID logo, Matthias Volk ORCID logo, Ernst Moritz Hahn ORCID logo, and Marielle Stoelinga ORCID logo
(University of Twente, Netherlands; Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands)
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Formal Verification of a Mechanical Ventilator using UPPAAL
Jaime Cuartas ORCID logo, David Cortés ORCID logo, Joan S. Betancourt ORCID logo, Jesús Aranda ORCID logo, José I. García ORCID logo, Andrés M. Valencia ORCID logo, and James Ortiz ORCID logo
(Universidad del Valle, Colombia; University of Namur, Belgium)
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Symbolic Analysis by Using Folding Narrowing with Irreducibility and SMT Constraints
Santiago EscobarORCID logo, Raúl López-RuedaORCID logo, and Julia Sapiña ORCID logo
(Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain)
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