SPLASH Workshops 2019
2019 ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages, and Applications: Software for Humanity (SPLASH Workshops 2019)
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2019 ACM SIGPLAN SPLASH-E Symposium (SPLASH-E 2019), October 25, 2019, Athens, Greece

SPLASH-E 2019 – Preliminary Table of Contents

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2019 ACM SIGPLAN SPLASH-E Symposium (SPLASH-E 2019)


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Evaluating ProDirect Manipulation in Hour of Code
Quan Do, Kiersten Campbell, Emmie Hine, Dzung Pham, Alex Taylor, Iris Howley, and Daniel W. Barowy
(Williams College, USA)
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Parallelism in Practice: Experiences Teaching Concurrency and Parallelism in an Undergraduate OS Course
Charlie Curtsinger
(Grinnell College, USA)
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Theia: Automatically Generating Correct Program State Visualizations
Josh Pollock, Jared Roesch, Doug Woos, and Zachary Tatlock
(University of Washington, USA; Brown University, USA)
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Towards Answering “Am I on the Right Track?” Automatically using Program Synthesis
Molly Q. Feldman, Yiting Wang, William E. Byrd, François Guimbretière, and Erik Andersen
(Cornell University, USA; University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA)
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ChocoPy: A Programming Language for Compilers Courses
Rohan Padhye, Koushik Sen, and Paul N. Hilfinger
(University of California at Berkeley, USA)
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Experiences in Bridging from Functional to Object-Oriented Programming
Igor Moreno Santos, Matthias Hauswirth, and Nathaniel Nystrom
(USI Lugano, Switzerland)
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Lambdulus: Teaching Lambda Calculus Practically
Jan Sliacky and Petr Maj
(Czech Technical University, Czechia)
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Microsoft MakeCode: Embedded Programming for Education, in Blocks, and TypeScript
Thomas Ball, Abhijith Chatra, Peli de Halleux, Steve Hodges, Michał Moskal, and Jacqueline Russell
(Microsoft Research, n.n.; Microsoft, n.n.)
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