2023 ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages, and Applications: Software for Humanity (SPLASH 2023)
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2023 ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages, and Applications: Software for Humanity (SPLASH 2023), October 22–27, 2023, Cascais, Portugal

SPLASH 2023 – Companion Proceedings

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Title Page
Welcome from the General Chair
SPLASH 2023 Organization

Doctoral Symposium

Remote Just-in-Time Compilation for Dynamic Languages
Andrej Pečimúth ORCID logo
(Charles University, Czechia; Oracle Labs, Czechia)
Publisher's Version
Scaling up Program Synthesis to Efficient Algorithms
Ruyi Ji ORCID logo
(Peking University, China)
Publisher's Version
Large Language Models for Automated Program Repair
Francisco Ribeiro ORCID logo
(INESC Tec, Portugal; Universidade do Minho, Portugal)
Publisher's Version
Transforming Ideas into Code: Visual Sketching for ML Development
Luís Gomes ORCID logo
(Carnegie Mellon University, USA; University of Porto, Portugal)
Publisher's Version
Semantic Versioning for Python Programs
Luís Carvalho ORCID logo
(NOVA University Lisbon, Portugal; NOVA-LINCS, Portugal)
Publisher's Version
Reusing Single-Language Analyses for Static Analysis of Multi-language Programs
Tobias Roth ORCID logo
(TU Darmstadt, Germany)
Publisher's Version
A Pragmatic Approach to Syntax Repair
Breandan Considine ORCID logo
(McGill University, Canada)
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Partial Gradual Dependent Type Theory
Zhan Shi ORCID logo
(Kyoto University, Japan)
Publisher's Version
Synthesizing Recursive Programs through Dataflow Constraints
Marta Davila Mateu ORCID logo
(University of Southern California, USA)
Publisher's Version
Modular Educational Languages
Jesse Hoobergs ORCID logo
(KU Leuven, Belgium)
Publisher's Version
Historiographer: Strongly-Consistent Distributed Reactive Programming with Minimal Locking
Julia Freeman ORCID logo and Timothy Zhou ORCID logo
(Francis Marion University, USA; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
Publisher's Version
Clearing the Trail: Motivations for Maintenance Work in Open Source
Katrina Wilson ORCID logo
(Bucknell University, USA)
Publisher's Version
Design and Implementation of Facets of Dynamic Policies
Antonio Zegarelli ORCID logo
(IMDEA Software Institute, Spain)
Publisher's Version
Towards the Formal Verification of Wigderson’s Algorithm
Siraphob Phipathananunth ORCID logo
(Yale University, USA)
Publisher's Version Info
An Optimal Structure-Aware Code Difference Framework with MaxSAT-Solver
Haolin Ye ORCID logo
(McGill University, Canada)
Publisher's Version
Rose: Extensible Autodiff on the Web
Raven Rothkopf ORCID logo
(Barnard College, USA)
Publisher's Version


Involving Users in Design of a Widely Used Language: A Case of ECMAScript (JavaScript) Standardization
Mikhail BarashORCID logo, Yulia Startsev ORCID logo, and Rolf Martin Glomsrud ORCID logo
(University of Bergen, Norway; Mozilla, Germany)
Publisher's Version
Dynamic Library Compartmentalization
Octave Larose ORCID logo
(University of Kent, UK)
Publisher's Version
Sui Move: Modern Blockchain Programming with Objects
Adam Welc ORCID logo and Sam Blackshear ORCID logo
(Mysten Labs, USA)
Publisher's Version
JaMaBuild: Mass Building of Java Projects
Matúš SulírORCID logo and Milan Nosáľ ORCID logo
(Technical University of Košice, Slovakia; ValeSoft, Slovakia)
Publisher's Version Info
Extensible Testing for Infrastructure as Code
David SpielmannORCID logo, Daniel SokolowskiORCID logo, and Guido SalvaneschiORCID logo
(University of St. Gallen, Switzerland)
Publisher's Version
A Functional Reactive Programming Language for Wirelessly Connected Shape-Changeable Chiplet-Based Computers
Yusuke Izawa ORCID logo, Junichiro Kadomoto ORCID logo, Hidetsugu Irie ORCID logo, and Shuichi Sakai ORCID logo
(IBM Research, Japan; University of Tokyo, Japan)
Publisher's Version
ReactCOP: Modular and Scalable Web Development with Context-Oriented Programming
David H. Lorenz ORCID logo and Ofir Shmuel ORCID logo
(Open University of Israel, Israel)
Publisher's Version Info
Safe Combination of Data-Centric and Operation-Centric Consistency
Mirko Köhler ORCID logo and Guido SalvaneschiORCID logo
(TU Darmstadt, Germany; University of St. Gallen, Switzerland)
Publisher's Version
Towards Reusable GUI Structures
Knut Anders Stokke ORCID logo, Mikhail BarashORCID logo, and Jaakko JärviORCID logo
(University of Bergen, Norway; University of Turku, Finland)
Publisher's Version
Generating Domain-Specific Programs for Diagram Authoring with Large Language Models
Rijul Jain ORCID logo, Wode Ni ORCID logo, and Joshua SunshineORCID logo
(Williams College, USA; Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
Publisher's Version

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