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9th International Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems (SEAMS 2014), June 2–3, 2014, Hyderabad, India

SEAMS 2014 – Proceedings

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Genetic Improvement for Adaptive Software Engineering (Keynote)
Mark HarmanORCID logo, Yue Jia, William B. Langdon, Justyna Petke, Iman Hemati Moghadam, Shin Yoo, and Fan Wu
(University College London, UK)
Adapting Our View of Software Adaptation: An Architectural Perspective (Keynote)
Nenad Medvidovic ORCID logo
(University of Southern California, USA)

Search-Based and Data-Mining Approaches

Designing Search Based Adaptive Systems: A Quantitative Approach
Parisa Zoghi, Mark Shtern, and Marin LitoiuORCID logo
(York University, Canada)
Towards Run-Time Adaptation of Test Cases for Self-Adaptive Systems in the Face of Uncertainty
Erik M. Fredericks, Byron DeVries, and Betty H. C. Cheng
(Michigan State University, USA)
Automated Mining of Software Component Interactions for Self-Adaptation
Eric Yuan, Naeem Esfahani, and Sam Malek
(George Mason University, USA)

Security, Goals, and Requirements

Requirements-Driven Mediation for Collaborative Security
Amel Bennaceur, Arosha K. Bandara, Michael Jackson, Wei Liu, Lionel Montrieux, Thein Than Tun, Yijun Yu, and Bashar Nuseibeh
(Open University, UK; Wuhan Institute of Technology, China; Lero, Ireland)
Topology Aware Adaptive Security
Liliana Pasquale, Carlo Ghezzi, Claudio Menghi, Christos Tsigkanos, and Bashar Nuseibeh
(Lero, Ireland; University of Limerick, Ireland; Politecnico di Milano, Italy; Open University, UK)
Self-Adaptive Applications: On the Development of Personalized Web-Tasking Systems
Lorena Castañeda, Norha M. Villegas, and Hausi A. Müller
(University of Victoria, Canada; Icesi University, Colombia; IBM, Canada)
Modelling and Analysing Contextual Failures for Dependability Requirements
Danilo F. Mendonça, Raian Ali, and Genaína N. Rodrigues
(University of Brasília, Brazil; Bournemouth University, UK)

Analysis and Diagnosis

User-Centric Adaptation of Multi-tenant Services: Preference-Based Analysis for Service Reconfiguration
Jesús García-Galán, Liliana Pasquale, Pablo Trinidad, and Antonio Ruiz-Cortés ORCID logo
(University of Seville, Spain; Lero, Ireland; University of Limerick, Ireland)
Diagnosing Unobserved Components in Self-Adaptive Systems
Paulo Casanova, David Garlan, Bradley Schmerl, and Rui AbreuORCID logo
(Carnegie Mellon University, USA; University of Porto, Portugal)

Cloud Computing

Symbiotic and Sensitivity-Aware Architecture for Globally-Optimal Benefit in Self-Adaptive Cloud
Tao Chen and Rami Bahsoon
(University of Birmingham, UK)
Autonomic Resource Provisioning for Cloud-Based Software
Pooyan Jamshidi, Aakash Ahmad ORCID logo, and Claus Pahl
(Dublin City University, Ireland; Lero, Ireland)
A Computational Field Framework for Collaborative Task Execution in Volunteer Clouds
Stefano Sebastio, Michele Amoretti, and Alberto Lluch Lafuente
(IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Italy; University of Parma, Italy)


Efficient Runtime Quantitative Verification using Caching, Lookahead, and Nearly-Optimal Reconfiguration
Simos Gerasimou, Radu Calinescu, and Alec Banks
(University of York, UK; Dstl, UK)
ActivFORMS: Active Formal Models for Self-Adaptation
M. Usman Iftikhar and Danny Weyns
(Linnaeus University, Sweden)
Run-Time Generation, Transformation, and Verification of Access Control Models for Self-Protection
Christopher Bailey, Lionel Montrieux, Rogério de Lemos, Yijun Yu, and Michel Wermelinger
(University of Kent, UK; Open University, UK; University of Coimbra, Portugal)


A Prediction-Driven Adaptation Approach for Self-Adaptive Sensor Networks
Ivan Dario Paez Anaya, Viliam Simko, Johann Bourcier, Noël Plouzeau, and Jean-Marc Jézéquel ORCID logo
(IRISA, France; INRIA, France; University of Rennes 1, France; KIT, Germany)
Stochastic Game Analysis and Latency Awareness for Proactive Self-Adaptation
Javier Cámara, Gabriel A. Moreno, and David Garlan
(Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
Dealing with Multiple Failures in Zanshin: A Control-Theoretic Approach
Konstantinos Angelopoulos, Vítor E. Silva Souza, and John Mylopoulos
(University of Trento, Italy; Federal University of Espírito Santo, Brazil)

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