SCALA 2020
11th ACM SIGPLAN International Scala Symposium (SCALA 2020)
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11th ACM SIGPLAN International Scala Symposium (SCALA 2020), November 13, 2020, Virtual, USA

SCALA 2020 – Preliminary Table of Contents

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ScalaPy: Seamless Python Interoperability for Cross-Platform Scala Programs
Shadaj Laddad and Koushik Sen
(University of California at Berkeley, USA)
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Semantics-Preserving Inlining for Metaprogramming
Nicolas Stucki, Aggelos Biboudis, Sébastien Doeraene, and Martin Odersky
(EPFL, Switzerland; Scala Center, Switzerland)
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Kaizen: A Scalable Concolic Fuzzing Tool for Scala
Mohammadreza Ashouri
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