SANER 2017
2017 IEEE 24th International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering (SANER)
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2017 IEEE 11th International Workshop on Software Clones (IWSC), February 21, 2017, Klagenfurt, Austria

IWSC 2017 – Proceedings

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2017 IEEE 11th International Workshop on Software Clones (IWSC)


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Clone Detection and Applications

Detecting and Analyzing Code Clones in HDL
Kyohei Uemura, Akira Mori, Kenji Fujiwara, Eunjong Choi, and Hajimu Iida
(NAIST, Japan; National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan; National Institute of Technology, Japan)
Using Compilation/Decompilation to Enhance Clone Detection
Chaiyong RagkhitwetsagulORCID logo and Jens Krinke
(University College London, UK)
Rearranging the Order of Program Statements for Code Clone Detection
Yusuke Sabi, Yoshiki HigoORCID logo, and Shinji Kusumoto
(Osaka University, Japan)
Web-Service for Finding Cloned Files using b-Bit Minwise Hashing
Kaoru Ito, Takashi Ishio, and Katsuro Inoue
(Osaka University, Japan)
CodeEase: Harnessing Method Clone Structures for Reuse
Shamsa Abid, Salman Javed, Momna Naseem, Suleman Shahid, Hamid Abdul Basit, and Yoshiki HigoORCID logo
(Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan; Osaka University, Japan)

Clone Analysis

Software Clones in Scratch Projects: On the Presence of Copy-and-Paste in Computational Thinking Learning
Gregorio Robles, Jesús Moreno-León, Efthimia Aivaloglou, and Felienne Hermans
(Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain;, Spain; Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
Does Cloned Code Increase Maintenance Effort?
Manishankar Mondal, Chanchal K. Roy, and Kevin A. Schneider
(University of Saskatchewan, Canada)
Refactoring Patterns Study in Code Clones during Software Evolution
Jaweria Kanwal, Katsuro Inoue, and Onaiza Maqbool
(Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan; Osaka University, Japan)
Evolution of Code Clone Ratios throughout Development History of Open-Source C and C++ Programs
Anfernee Goon, Yuhao Wu, Makoto Matsushita, and Katsuro Inoue
(University of California at San Diego, USA; Osaka University, Japan)
A Technique to Detect Multi-grained Code Clones
Yusuke Yuki, Yoshiki HigoORCID logo, and Shinji Kusumoto
(Osaka University, Japan)

Graph-Based Clone Detection

Enhancing Program Dependency Graph Based Clone Detection using Approximate Subgraph Matching
C. M. Kamalpriya and Paramvir Singh
(Bombardier Transportation, India; NIT Jalandhar, India)
Rethinking Dependence Clones
Tim A. D. Henderson and Andy Podgurski
(Case Western Reserve University, USA)

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