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2015 IEEE 1st International Workshop on Software Analytics (SWAN), March 2, 2015, Montréal, Canada

SWAN 2015 – Proceedings

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2015 IEEE 1st International Workshop on Software Analytics (SWAN)


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Bugs, Defects, and Crashes

Toward a Learned Project-Specific Fault Taxonomy: Application of Software Analytics
Billy Kidwell and Jane Huffman Hayes
(University of Kentucky, USA)
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Challenges and Issues of Mining Crash Reports
Le An and Foutse Khomh
(Polytechnique Montréal, Canada)
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Bug Report Recommendation for Code Inspection
Shin Fujiwara, Hideaki Hata, Akito Monden, and Kenichi Matsumoto
(NAIST, Japan)
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Test Case Analytics: Mining Test Case Traces to Improve Risk-Driven Testing
Tanzeem Bin Noor and Hadi Hemmati
(University of Manitoba, Canada)
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Testing Analytics on Software Variability
Hareton K. N. Leung and Kim Man Lui
(Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China)
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Source Code, Branches, and Libraries

How We Resolve Conflict: An Empirical Study of Method-Level Conflict Resolution
Ryohei Yuzuki, Hideaki Hata, and Kenichi Matsumoto
(NAIST, Japan)
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M3: A General Model for Code Analytics in Rascal
Bas Basten, Mark Hills, Paul Klint, Davy Landman, Ashim Shahi, Michael J. Steindorfer, and Jurgen J. Vinju
(CWI, Netherlands; East Carolina University, USA)
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Studying the Impact of Evolution in R Libraries on Software Engineering Research
Catherine Ramirez, Meiyappan Nagappan, and Mehdi Mirakhorli
(Rochester Institute of Technology, USA)
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Analyzing Dynamic Information with Spy and Roassal: An Experience Report
Alison Fernandez, Diego Gabriel Nuñez Duran, Alejandro Infante, and Alexandre Bergel
(University of San Simon, Bolivia; University of Chile, Chile)
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MARFCAT: Fast Code Analysis for Defects and Vulnerabilities
Serguei A. Mokhov, Joey Paquet, and Mourad Debbabi
(Concordia University, Canada)
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University-Industry Collaboration and Open Source Software (OSS) Dataset in Mining Software Repositories (MSR) Research
Ambika Tripathi, Savita Dabral, and Ashish Sureka
(IIIT Delhi, India; SARL, India)
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