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2nd International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Requirements Engineering (AIRE 2015), August 24, 2015, Ottawa, ON, Canada

AIRE 2015 – Proceedings

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Measuring Requirement Quality to Predict Testability
Jane Huffman Hayes, Wenbin Li, Tingting Yu, Xue Han, Mark Hays, and Clinton Woodson
(University of Kentucky, USA)
DeNom: A Tool to Find Problematic Nominalizations using NLP
Mathias Landhäußer, Sven J. Körner, Walter F. Tichy, Jan Keim, and Jennifer Krisch
(KIT, Germany; Daimler, Germany)
Using Fuzzy Modeling for Consistent Definitions of Product Qualities in Requirements
Jean-Marc Davril, Maxime Cordy, Patrick Heymans, and Mathieu Acher
(University of Namur, Belgium; INRIA, France; IRISA, France; University of Rennes 1, France)
From Natural Language Requirements to UML Class Diagrams
Richa Sharma, Pratyoush K. Srivastava, and Kanad K. Biswas
(IIT Delhi, India; MNNIT Allahabad, India)
Representation of Rules for Relevant Recommendations to Online Social Networks Users
Sarah Bouraga, Ivan Jureta, and Stéphane Faulkner
(University of Namur, Belgium)

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