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2014 IEEE 4th International Workshop on Requirements Patterns (RePa), August 26, 2014, Karlskrona, Sweden

RePa 2014 – Proceedings

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2014 IEEE 4th International Workshop on Requirements Patterns (RePa)


Title Page

Natural Language and Semantic Patterns

Requirement Boilerplates: Transition from Manually-Enforced to Automatically-Verifiable Natural Language Patterns
Chetan Arora, Mehrdad Sabetzadeh, Lionel C. BriandORCID logo, and Frank Zimmer
(University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg; SES TechCom, Luxembourg)
Semantic Annotation of a Formal Grammar by SemanticPatterns
Mathias Schraps and Maximilian Peters
(Audi Electronics Venture, Germany; Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany)

Patterns for Requirements Modeling

A Feature Modeling Approach for Domain-Specific Requirement Elicitation
Olga De Troyer and Erik Janssens
(Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)
Reusing Non-functional Patterns in i* Modeling
Herbet Cunha and Julio Cesar Sampaio do Prado Leite
(PUC-Rio, Brazil)
Requirements Engineering Patterns for the Modeling of Online Social Networks Features
Sarah Bouraga, Ivan Jureta, and Stéphane Faulkner
(University of Namur, Belgium)

Privacy and Security Patterns

Privacy Requirements Patterns for Mobile Operating Systems
Xiao Xuan, Ye Wang, and Shanping Li ORCID logo
(Zhejiang University, China; Zhejiang Gongshang University, China)
Threat and Countermeasure Patterns for Cloud Computing
Takao Okubo, Yoshiro Wataguchi, and Nobuyuki Kanaya
(Institute of Information Security, Japan; Fujitsu Labs, Japan)

Case Study

Using Non-functional Requirements Templates for Elicitation: A Case Study
Sylwia Kopczyńska and Jerzy Nawrocki
(Poznan University of Technology, Poland)

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