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2013 3rd International Workshop on Model-Driven Requirements Engineering (MoDRE), July 15, 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

MoDRE 2013 – Proceedings

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2013 3rd International Workshop on Model-Driven Requirements Engineering (MoDRE)

Title Page
Generating Goal-Oriented Models from Creative Requirements using Model Driven Engineering
Fernando Wanderley and João Araújo
(UNL, Portugal)
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Requirements for a Modeling Language to Specify and Match Business Process Improvement Patterns
Alireza Pourshahid, Gunter Mussbacher, Daniel Amyot, and Michael Weiss
(University of Ottawa, Canada; Carleton University, Canada)
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Improving User Involvement through a Model-Driven Requirements Approach
José Matías Rivero, Esteban Robles Luna, Julián Grigera, and Gustavo Rossi
(Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina)
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Towards a Comprehensive Meta-Model for KAOS
Joshua C. Nwokeji, Tony Clark, and Balbir S. Barn
(Middlesex University, UK)
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RSL-IL: An Interlingua for Formally Documenting Requirements
David de Almeida Ferreira and Alberto Rodrigues da Silva
(IST, Portugal)
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Modelling Data Interaction Requirements: A Position Paper
Sagar Sen, Jose Luis de la Vara, Arnaud Gotlieb, and Arnab Sarkar
(Simula Research Laboratory, Norway; West Bengal University of Technology, India)
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Towards the Model-Driven Engineering of Security Requirements for Embedded Systems
Yves Roudier, Muhammad Sabir Idrees, and Ludovic Apvrille
(EURECOM, France; Telecom ParisTech, France)
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Security Requirements Formalized with OCL in a Model-Driven Approach
Marian Borek, Nina Moebius, Kurt Stenzel, and Wolfgang Reif
(University of Augsburg, Germany)
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Modelling Multiplicity in Choreography Models
Urooj Fatima and Rolv Bræk
(NTNU, Norway)
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