Programming Journal, Volume 8, Issue 2
The Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming
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The Design Principles of the Elixir Type System
Giuseppe Castagna ORCID logo, Guillaume Duboc ORCID logo, and José Valim ORCID logo
(IRIF - Université Paris Cité - CNRS, France; Remote Technology, France; Dashbit, Poland)
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Live Objects All The Way Down: Removing the Barriers between Applications and Virtual Machines
Javier E. PimásORCID logo, Stefan Marr ORCID logo, and Diego GarbervetskyORCID logo
(University of Buenos Aires, Argentina; University of Kent, UK)
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Provably Fair Cooperative Scheduling
Reiner HähnleORCID logo and Ludovic Henrio ORCID logo
(TU Darmstadt, Germany; Univ Lyon - EnsL - UCBL - CNRS - Inria - LIP, France)
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Conceptual Mutation Testing for Student Programming Misconceptions
Siddhartha Prasad ORCID logo, Ben Greenman ORCID logo, Tim Nelson ORCID logo, and Shriram Krishnamurthi ORCID logo
(Brown University, USA)
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Real-World Choreographic Programming: Full-Duplex Asynchrony and Interoperability
Lovro Lugović ORCID logo and Fabrizio Montesi ORCID logo
(University of Southern Denmark, Denmark)
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