Programming Journal, Volume 6, Issue 2
The Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming
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Programming Journal, Volume 6, Issue 2 – Proceedings

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Yuquan Fu and Sam Tobin-Hochstadt
(Indiana University, USA)
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Continuation-Passing Style, Defunctionalization, Accumulations, and Associativity
Jeremy GibbonsORCID logo
(University of Oxford, UK)
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Types for Tables: A Language Design Benchmark
Kuang-Chen Lu, Ben GreenmanORCID logo, and Shriram Krishnamurthi
(Brown University, USA)
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A Transient Semantics for Typed Racket
Ben GreenmanORCID logo, Lukas Lazarek, Christos Dimoulas, and Matthias Felleisen
(Brown University, USA; Northeastern University, USA; Northwestern University, USA)
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Automated, Targeted Testing of Property-Based Testing Predicates
Tim Nelson, Elijah Rivera, Sam Soucie, Thomas Del Vecchio, John Wrenn, and Shriram Krishnamurthi ORCID logo
(Brown University, USA; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA; Indiana University, USA)
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