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6th International Conference on the Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming (‹Programming› 2022 Companion)
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6th International Conference on the Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming (‹Programming› 2022 Companion), March 21–25, 2022, Porto, Portugal

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Title Page
Welcome from the Chairs
6th International Workshop on Modern Language Runtimes, Ecosystems, and VMs (MoreVMs 2022)
8th International Workshop on Programming Experience (PX/22)
Boxer Salon 2022
Poster Session of ‹Programming› 2022


Interpreter Register Autolocalisation: Improving the Performance of Efficient Interpreters
Guillermo PolitoORCID logo, Nahuel Palumbo, Soufyane Labsari, Stéphane DucasseORCID logo, and Pablo Tesone ORCID logo
(University of Lille, France; CNRS, France; Inria, France; Centrale Lille, France)
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Toward Just-in-Time and Language-Agnostic Mutation Testing
Stefan Reschke ORCID logo, Toni Mattis ORCID logo, Fabio NiephausORCID logo, and Robert HirschfeldORCID logo
(University of Potsdam, Germany; Oracle Labs, Germany)
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Programming in an fMRI Scanner: A Report from the Field
Steven Tanimoto ORCID logo, Rob Thompson, Todd Richards, Cheri Yates, and Virginia Berninger
(University of Washington, USA; Colorado School of Mines, USA; Seattle Childrens Hospital, USA)
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Calling Cards: Concrete Visual End-User Programming
Michael Homer ORCID logo
(Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
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A Live Environment to Improve the Refactoring Experience
Sara Fernandes ORCID logo, Ademar Aguiar ORCID logo, and André Restivo ORCID logo
(University of Porto, Portugal)
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Toward Understanding Task Complexity in Maintenance-Based Studies of Programming Tools
Patrick Rein ORCID logo, Tom Beckmann ORCID logo, Toni Mattis ORCID logo, and Robert HirschfeldORCID logo
(HPI, Germany)
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An Experiment in Live Collaborative Programming on the Croquet Shared Experience Platform
Yoshiki OhshimaORCID logo, Aran Lunzer ORCID logo, Jenn Evans ORCID logo, Vanessa Freudenberg ORCID logo, Brian Upton ORCID logo, and David A. Smith ORCID logo
(Croquet Corporation, USA; Croquet Corporation, Canada)
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CodeMap: A Graphical Note-Taking Tool Cooperating with an Integrated Development Environment
Rikito Taniguchi and Hidehiko MasuharaORCID logo
(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
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Example Mining: Assisting Example Creation to Enhance Code Comprehension
Eva Krebs ORCID logo, Patrick Rein ORCID logo, and Robert HirschfeldORCID logo
(HPI, Germany)
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Boxer Salon

Creating New Programming Experiences Inspired by Boxer to Develop Computationally Literate Society
Mark Guzdial ORCID logo
(University of Michigan, USA)
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Automatic Programming and Education
Clayton Lewis
(University of Colorado Boulder, USA)
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Enhancing DrRacket with Dodona for Learning Scheme
Turgut Reis Kursun, Mathijs Saey ORCID logo, and Viviane Jonckers ORCID logo
(Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)
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