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POPL 2019 Co-Located Events
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2019 ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation (PEPM 2019), January 14–15, 2019, Cascais, Portugal

PEPM 2019 – Proceedings

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2019 ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation (PEPM 2019)


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A Simpler Lambda Calculus
Barry Jay
(University of Technology Sydney, Australia)
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Method Name Suggestion with Hierarchical Attention Networks
Sihan Xu, Sen Zhang, Weijing Wang, Xinya Cao, Chenkai Guo, and Jing Xu
(Nankai University, China)
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Reduction from Branching-Time Property Verification of Higher-Order Programs to HFL Validity Checking
Keiichi Watanabe, Takeshi Tsukada, Hiroki Oshikawa, and Naoki Kobayashi
(University of Tokyo, Japan)
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Typed Parsing and Unparsing for Untyped Regular Expression Engines
Gabriel Radanne
(University of Freiburg, Germany)
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Combining Higher-Order Model Checking with Refinement Type Inference
Ryosuke Sato, Naoki Iwayama, and Naoki Kobayashi
(Kyushu University, Japan; University of Tokyo, Japan)
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Control Flow Obfuscation via CPS Transformation
Kenny Zhuo Ming Lu
(Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore)
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Extracting a Call-by-Name Partial Evaluator from a Proof of Termination
Kenichi Asai
(Ochanomizu University, Japan)
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Futures and Promises in Haskell and Scala
Tamino Dauth and Martin Sulzmann
(Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Germany)
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Generating Mutually Recursive Definitions
Jeremy Yallop and Oleg Kiselyov
(University of Cambridge, UK; Tohoku University, Japan)
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