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PLDI 2024 Co-Located Events
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13th ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on the State Of the Art in Program Analysis (SOAP 2024), June 25, 2024, Copenhagen, Denmark

SOAP 2024 – Proceedings

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13th ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on the State Of the Art in Program Analysis (SOAP 2024)


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Welcome from the Chairs
SOAP 2024 Organization


Dr Wenowdis: Specializing Dynamic Language C Extensions using Type Information
Maxwell BernsteinORCID logo and Carl Friedrich Bolz-Tereick ORCID logo
(Northeastern University, USA; Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, Germany)
Publisher's Version
Interleaving Static Analysis and LLM Prompting
Patrick J. Chapman ORCID logo, Cindy Rubio-González ORCID logo, and Aditya V. ThakurORCID logo
(University of California at Davis, Davis, USA)
Publisher's Version
A Better Approximation for Interleaved Dyck Reachability
Giovanna Kobus Conrado ORCID logo and Andreas PavlogiannisORCID logo
(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong; Aarhus University, Denmark)
Publisher's Version
Interactive Source-to-Source Optimizations Validated using Static Resource Analysis
Guillaume Bertholon ORCID logo, Arthur CharguéraudORCID logo, Thomas Kœhler ORCID logo, Begatim Bytyqi ORCID logo, and Damien Rouhling ORCID logo
(Inria, France; Université de Strasbourg - CNRS, France)
Publisher's Version
When to Stop Going Down the Rabbit Hole: Taming Context-Sensitivity on the Fly
Julian Erhard ORCID logo, Johanna Franziska Schinabeck ORCID logo, Michael Schwarz ORCID logo, and Helmut Seidl ORCID logo
(LMU Munich, Germany; TU Munich, Germany)
Publisher's Version
ValBench: Benchmarking Exact Value Analysis
Marc Miltenberger ORCID logo and Steven Arzt ORCID logo
(Fraunhofer SIT, Germany; ATHENE, Darmstadt, Germany)
Publisher's Version Published Artifact Artifacts Available
Static Analysis for Transitioning to CHERI C/C++
Irina Dudina ORCID logo and Ian Stark ORCID logo
(University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
Publisher's Version
Misconceptions about Loops in C
Martin Brain ORCID logo and Mahdi Malkawi ORCID logo
(City University of London, United Kingdom)
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