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2024 ACM SIGPLAN International Symposium on Memory Management (ISMM 2024), June 25, 2024, Copenhagen, Denmark

ISMM 2024 – Proceedings

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2024 ACM SIGPLAN International Symposium on Memory Management (ISMM 2024)


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ISMM 2024 Organization

Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection for Mostly Serialized Heaps
Chaitanya S. Koparkar ORCID logo, Vidush Singhal ORCID logo, Aditya Gupta ORCID logo, Mike Rainey ORCID logo, Michael Vollmer ORCID logo, Artem Pelenitsyn ORCID logo, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt ORCID logo, Milind KulkarniORCID logo, and Ryan R. Newton ORCID logo
(Indiana University, USA; Purdue University, USA; Carnegie Mellon University, USA; University of Kent, United Kingdom)
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Memory Management on Mobile Devices
Kunal Sareen ORCID logo, Stephen M. Blackburn ORCID logo, Sara S. Hamouda ORCID logo, and Lokesh Gidra ORCID logo
(Australian National University, Australia; Google, Australia; Google, USA)
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Evaluating Finalization-Based Object Lifetime Profiling
Sebastian Jordan Montaño ORCID logo, Guillermo Polito ORCID logo, Stephane DucasseORCID logo, and Pablo Tesone ORCID logo
(Univ. Lille - Inria - CNRS - Centrale Lille - UMR 9189 CRIStAL, France)
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Hardware for Memory Management

Supporting Trusted Virtual Machines with Hardware-Based Secure Remote Memory
Taekyung Heo ORCID logo, Seunghyo Kang ORCID logo, Sanghyeon Lee ORCID logo, Soojin Hwang ORCID logo, Joongun Park ORCID logo, and Jaehyuk Huh ORCID logo
(NVIDIA, USA; KAIST, South Korea; Georgia Tech, USA)
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A Managed Memory System for Micro Controllers with NOR Flash Memory
Akira Inoue ORCID logo, Tomoharu UgawaORCID logo, and Shigeru Chiba ORCID logo
(University of Tokyo, Japan)
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SSRD: Shapes and Summaries for Race Detection in Concurrent Data Structures
Xiaofan Sun ORCID logo and Rajiv Gupta ORCID logo
(University of California at Riverside, Riverside, USA)
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A Heuristic for Periodic Memory Allocation with Little Fragmentation to Train Neural Networks
Akifumi Imanishi ORCID logo and Zijian Xu ORCID logo
(Preferred Networks, Japan)
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ESPN: Memory-Efficient Multi-vector Information Retrieval
Susav Shrestha ORCID logo, Narasimha Reddy ORCID logo, and Zongwang Li ORCID logo
(Texas A&M University, USA; Samsung, USA)
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Intellectual Abstracts

The One Pass (OP) Compactor: An Intellectual Abstract
Tomer Cory ORCID logo and Erez Petrank ORCID logo
(Technion, Israel)
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BatchIt: Optimizing Message-Passing Allocators for Producer-Consumer Workloads: An Intellectual Abstract
Nathaniel Wesley Filardo ORCID logo and Matthew J. Parkinson ORCID logo
(Microsoft Azure, Canada; Microsoft Azure Research, United Kingdom)
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Reference Counting Deeply Immutable Data Structures with Cycles: An Intellectual Abstract
Matthew J. Parkinson ORCID logo, Sylvan Clebsch ORCID logo, and Tobias Wrigstad ORCID logo
(Microsoft Azure Research, United Kingdom; Microsoft Azure Research, USA; Uppsala University, Sweden)
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