Onward! 2019
2019 ACM SIGPLAN International Symposium on New Ideas, New Paradigms, and Reflections on Programming and Software (Onward! 2019)
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2019 ACM SIGPLAN International Symposium on New Ideas, New Paradigms, and Reflections on Programming and Software (Onward! 2019), October 23-24, 2019, Athens, Greece

Onward! 2019 – Preliminary Table of Contents

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Deployable Probabilistic Programming
David Tolpin
(PUB+, n.n.)
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An Approach for Persistent Time-Varying Values
Tetsuo Kamina and Tomoyuki Aotani
(Oita University, Japan; Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
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CallƐ: An Effect System for Method Calls
Isaac Oscar Gariano, James Noble, and Marco Servetto
(Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
AlleAlle: Bounded Relational Model Finding with Unbounded Data
Jouke Stoel, Tijs van der Storm, and Jurgen J. Vinju
(CWI, Netherlands)
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Active Learning for Software Engineering
José P. Cambronero, Thurston H. Y. Dang, Nikos Vasilakis, Jiasi Shen, Jerry Wu, and Martin C. Rinard
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA; Google, USA)
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Declarative Assembly of Web Applications from Predefined Concepts
Santiago Perez De Rosso, Daniel Jackson, Maryam Archie, Czarina Lao, and Barry A. McNamara III
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
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GoTcha: An Interactive Debugger for GoT-Based Distributed Systems
Rohan Achar, Pritha Dawn, and Cristina V. Lopes
(University of California at Irvine, USA)
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Storage Combinators
Marcel Weiher and Robert Hirschfeld
(HPI, Germany)
Property Conveyances as a Programming Language
Shrutarshi Basu, Nate Foster, and James Grimmelmann
(Harvard University, USA; Cornell University, USA)
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The Adverse Effects of Code Duplication in Machine Learning Models of Code
Miltiadis Allamanis
(Microsoft Research, n.n.)


Local-First Software: You Own Your Data, in spite of the Cloud
Martin Kleppmann, Adam Wiggins, Peter van Hardenberg, and Mark McGranaghan
(University of Cambridge, UK; Ink & Switch, n.n.)
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Learning to Listen for Design
Elisa Baniassad, Ivan Beschastnikh, Reid Holmes, Gregor Kiczales, and Meghan Allen
(University of British Columbia, Canada)
Next-Paradigm Programming Languages: What Will They Look Like and What Changes Will They Bring?
Yannis Smaragdakis
(University of Athens, Greece)
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