MSR 2012
2012 9th IEEE Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR)
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2012 9th IEEE Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR), June 2–3, 2012, Zurich, Switzerland

MSR 2012 – Proceedings

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Keynote I

MSR 2012 Keynote: Software Analytics in Practice: Approaches and Experiences
Dongmei Zhang
(Microsoft Research, China)
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Software Repositories

Towards Improving Bug Tracking Systems with Game Mechanisms
Rafael Lotufo, Leonardo Passos, and Krzysztof Czarnecki
(University of Waterloo, Canada)
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GHTorrent: Github's Data from a Firehose
Georgios Gousios and Diomidis Spinellis
(Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece)
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MIC Check: A Correlation Tactic for ESE Data
Daryl Posnett, Premkumar Devanbu, and Vladimir Filkov
(UC Davis, USA)
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A Linked Data Platform for Mining Software Repositories
Iman Keivanloo, Christopher Forbes, Aseel Hmood, Mostafa Erfani, Christopher Neal, George Peristerakis, and Juergen Rilling
(Concordia University, Canada)
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How Distributed Version Control Systems Impact Open Source Software Projects
Christian Rodríguez-Bustos and Jairo Aponte
(Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia)
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Bug Fixing and Prediction

An Empirical Study of Supplementary Bug Fixes
Jihun Park, Miryung Kim, Baishakhi Ray, and Doo-Hwan Bae
(KAIST, South Korea; University of Texas at Austin, USA)
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Incorporating Version Histories in Information Retrieval Based Bug Localization
Bunyamin Sisman and Avinash C. Kak
(Purdue University, USA)
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Think Locally, Act Globally: Improving Defect and Effort Prediction Models
Nicolas Bettenburg, Meiyappan Nagappan, and Ahmed E. Hassan
(Queen's University, Canada)
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Characterizing Verification of Bug Fixes in Two Open Source IDEs
Rodrigo Souza and Christina Chavez
(Federal University of Bahia, Brazil)
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Are Faults Localizable?
Lucia, Ferdian Thung, David Lo, and Lingxiao Jiang
(Singapore Management University, Singapore)
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New MSR Trends

Green Mining: A Methodology of Relating Software Change to Power Consumption
Abram Hindle
(University of Alberta, Canada)
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Analysis of Customer Satisfaction Survey Data
Pete Rotella and Sunita Chulani
(Cisco Systems, USA)
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Mining Usage Data and Development Artifacts
Olga Baysal, Reid Holmes, and Michael W. Godfrey
(University of Waterloo, Canada)
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App Store Mining and Analysis: MSR for App Stores
Mark Harman, Yue Jia, and Yuanyuan Zhang
(University College London, UK)
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Mining Challenge

Mining Challenge 2012: The Android Platform
Emad Shihab, Yasutaka Kamei, and Pamela Bhattacharya
(Queen's University, Canada; Kyushu University, Japan; UC Riverside, USA)
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Bug Introducing Changes: A Case Study with Android
Muhammad Asaduzzaman, Michael C. Bullock, Chanchal K. Roy, and Kevin A. Schneider
(University of Saskatchewan, Canada)
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Trendy Bugs: Topic Trends in the Android Bug Reports
Lee Martie, Vijay Krishna Palepu, Hitesh Sajnani, and Cristina Lopes
(UC Irvine, USA)
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Do the Stars Align? Multidimensional Analysis of Android's Layered Architecture
Victor Guana, Fabio Rocha, Abram Hindle, and Eleni Stroulia
(University of Alberta, Canada)
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The Build Dependency Perspective of Android's Concrete Architecture
Wei Hu, Dan Han, Abram Hindle, and Kenny Wong
(University of Alberta, Canada)
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MINCE: MINing ChangE History of Android Project
Vibha Singhal Sinha, Senthil Mani, and Monika Gupta
(IBM Research, India)
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Mining for Localization in Android
Laura Arjona Reina and Gregorio Robles
(Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain)
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Keynote II

MSR 2012 Keynote: The Evolution of the Social Programmer
Margaret-Anne Storey
(University of Victoria, Canada)
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Software Analysis

Why Do Software Packages Conflict?
Cyrille Artho, Kuniyasu Suzaki, Roberto Di Cosmo, Ralf Treinen, and Stefano Zacchiroli
(AIST, Japan; Paris Diderot University, France)
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Discovering Complete API Rules with Mutation Testing
Anh Cuong Nguyen and Siau-Cheng Khoo
(National University of Singapore, Singapore)
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Inferring Semantically Related Words from Software Context
Jinqiu Yang and Lin Tan
(University of Waterloo, Canada)
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The Evolution of Data Races
Caitlin Sadowski, Jaeheon Yi, and Sunghun Kim
(UC Santa Cruz, USA; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China)
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Error Mining: Bug Detection through Comparison with Large Code Databases
Alexander Breckel
(University of Ulm, Germany)
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Quality and Performance

Do Faster Releases Improve Software Quality? An Empirical Case Study of Mozilla Firefox
Foutse Khomh, Tejinder Dhaliwal, Ying Zou, and Bram Adams
(Queen's University, Canada; École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada)
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Explaining Software Defects Using Topic Models
Tse-Hsun Chen, Stephen W. Thomas, Meiyappan Nagappan, and Ahmed E. Hassan
(Queen's University, Canada)
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A Qualitative Study on Performance Bugs
Shahed Zaman, Bram Adams, and Ahmed E. Hassan
(Queen's University, Canada; École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada)
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Issue Handling Performance in Proprietary Software Projects
Aigerim Issabayeva, Ariadi Nugroho, and Joost Visser
(Tilburg University, Netherlands; Software Improvement Group, Netherlands; Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands)
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Co-evolution of Logical Couplings and Commits for Defect Estimation
Maximilian Steff and Barbara Russo
(Free University of Bolzano, Italy)
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Evolution and Process

Can We Predict Types of Code Changes? An Empirical Analysis
Emanuel Giger, Martin Pinzger, and Harald C. Gall
(University of Zurich, Switzerland; TU Delft, Netherlands)
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An Empirical Investigation of Changes in Some Software Properties Over Time
Joseph Gil, Maayan Goldstein, and Dany Moshkovich
(Technion, Israel; IBM Research, Israel)
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Who? Where? What? Examining Distributed Development in Two Large Open Source Projects
Christian Bird and Nachiappan Nagappan
(Microsoft Research, USA)
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What Does Software Engineering Community Microblog About?
Yuan Tian, Palakorn Achananuparp, Ibrahim Nelman Lubis, David Lo, and Ee-Peng Lim
(Singapore Management University, Singapore)
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Developing an H-Index for OSS Developers
Andrea Capiluppi, Alexander Serebrenik, and Ahmmad Youssef
(Brunel University London, UK; Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands; University of East London, UK)
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