LCTES 2023
24th ACM SIGPLAN/SIGBED International Conference on Languages, Compilers, and Tools for Embedded Systems (LCTES 2023)
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24th ACM SIGPLAN/SIGBED International Conference on Languages, Compilers, and Tools for Embedded Systems (LCTES 2023), June 18, 2023, Orlando, FL, USA

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Towards Automated Identification of Layering Violations in Embedded Applications (WIP)
Mingjie Shen ORCID logo, James C. DavisORCID logo, and Aravind MachiryORCID logo
(Purdue University, USA)
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Towards Secure MicroPython on Morello (WIP)
Jeremy SingerORCID logo
(University of Glasgow, UK)
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reUpNix: Reconfigurable and Updateable Embedded Systems
Niklas Golenstede ORCID logo, Ulf Kulau ORCID logo, and Christian Dietrich ORCID logo
(Hamburg University of Technology, Germany)
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Rep-RAID: An Integrated Approach to Optimizing Data Replication and Garbage Collection in RAID-Enabled SSDs
Jun Li ORCID logo, Balazs Gerofi ORCID logo, Francois Trahay ORCID logo, Zhigang Cai ORCID logo, and Jianwei Liao ORCID logo
(Southwest University, China; National Institute of Informatics, Japan; Intel Corporation, USA; Telecom SudParis, France)
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ISVABI: In-Storage Video Analytics Engine with Block Interface
Yi Zheng ORCID logo, Joshua Fixelle ORCID logo, Pingyi Huo ORCID logo, Mircea Stan ORCID logo, Michael Mesnier ORCID logo, and Vijaykrishnan Narayanan ORCID logo
(Pennsylvania State University, USA; University of Virginia, USA; Intel Labs, USA)
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LUNAR: A Native Table Engine for Embedded Devices
Xiaopeng Fan ORCID logo, Song Yan ORCID logo, Yuchen Huang ORCID logo, and Chuliang Weng ORCID logo
(East China Normal University, China)
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Optimizing Function Layout for Mobile Applications
Ellis Hoag ORCID logo, Kyungwoo Lee ORCID logo, Julián Mestre ORCID logo, and Sergey Pupyrev ORCID logo
(Meta Platforms, USA; University of Sydney, Australia)
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MinUn: Accurate ML Inference on Microcontrollers
Shikhar JaiswalORCID logo, Rahul Kranti Kiran Goli ORCID logo, Aayan Kumar ORCID logo, Vivek Seshadri ORCID logo, and Rahul Sharma ORCID logo
(Microsoft Research, India)
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PinIt: Influencing OS Scheduling via Compiler-Induced Affinities in Embedded Media Servers
Girish Mururu ORCID logo, Kangqi Ni ORCID logo, Ada Gavrilovska ORCID logo, and Santosh Pande ORCID logo
(Georgia Tech, USA)
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Sequential Scheduling of Dataflow Graphs for Memory Peak Minimization
Pascal Fradet ORCID logo, Alain Girault ORCID logo, and Alexandre Honorat ORCID logo
(University Grenoble Alpes, France; Inria, France; CNRS, France; Grenoble INP, France; LIG. 38000 Grenoble, France)
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Thread-Level Attack-Surface Reduction
Florian Rommel ORCID logo, Christian Dietrich ORCID logo, Andreas Ziegler ORCID logo, Illia Ostapyshyn ORCID logo, and Daniel Lohmann ORCID logo
(Leibniz University Hannover, Germany; Hamburg University of Technology, Germany; Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany)
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Facilitating the Bootstrapping of a New ISA
Abigail Mortensen ORCID logo, Scott Pomerville ORCID logo, David Whalley ORCID logo, Soner Onder ORCID logo, and Gang-Ryung Uh ORCID logo
(Florida State University, USA; Michigan Technological University, USA)
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Tiling for DMA-Based Hardware Accelerators (WIP)
Alexandre Singer ORCID logo and Kai-Ting Amy Wang ORCID logo
(Huawei Canada Research Center, Canada)
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Conditionally Accepted Paper

Synchronization-Aware NAS for an Efficient Collaborative Inference on Mobile Platforms
Beom Woo Kang ORCID logo, Junho Wohn ORCID logo, Seongju Lee ORCID logo, Sunghyun Park ORCID logo, Yung-Kyun Noh ORCID logo, and Yongjun Park ORCID logo
(Hanyang University, South Korea; University of Michigan, USA; Korea Institute for Advanced Study, South Korea; Yonsei University, South Korea)
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