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2013 International Conference on Software and Systems Process (ICSSP), May 18–19, 2013, San Francisco, CA, USA

ICSSP 2013 – Proceedings

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Message from the Chairs


The Challenges of Emerging Software Eco-Systems (Keynote)
Neil G. Siegel
(Northrop Grumman, USA)
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Low Ceremony Processes for Short Lifecycle Projects (Keynote)
Anthony I. Wasserman
(Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, USA)
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How to Treat Timing Information for Software Effort Estimation?
Masateru Tsunoda, Sousuke Amasaki, and Chris Lokan
(Toyo University, Japan; Okayama Prefectural University, Japan; UNSW, Australia)
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qEstimation: A Process for Estimating Size and Effort of Software Testing
Vu Nguyen, Vu Pham, and Vu Lam
(University of Science at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; KMS Technology, Vietnam; KMS Technology, USA)
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A Model for Estimating Agile Project Process and Schedule Acceleration
Dan Ingold, Barry Boehm, and Supannika Koolmanojwong
(University of Southern California, USA)
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Software Process I

A Discipline-Spanning Development Process for Self-Adaptive Mechatronic Systems
Christian Heinzemann, Oliver Sudmann, Wilhelm Schäfer, and Matthias Tichy
(University of Paderborn, Germany; Chalmers, Sweden; University of Gothenburg, Sweden)
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Process Variability Management in Global Software Development: A Case Study
Tomás Martínez-Ruiz, Félix García, Mario Piattini, and Francisco de Lucas-Consuegra
(University of Castile–La Mancha, Spain)
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Supporting Process Undo and Redo in Software Engineering Decision Making
Xiang Zhao, Yuriy Brun, and Leon J. Osterweil
(University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA)
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Quality and Indicators

A Process Practice to Validate the Quality of Reused Component Documentation: A Case Study Involving Open-Source Components
Olivier Gendreau and Pierre N. Robillard
(Polytechnique Montréal, Canada)
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A Methodology to Derive Sustainability Indicators for Software Development Projects
Giuseppe Lami, Fabrizio Fabbrini, and Mario Fusani
(ISTI-CNR, Italy)
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Improving Scenario Testing Process by Adding Value-Based Prioritization: An Industrial Case Study
Qi Li and Barry Boehm
(University of Southern California, USA)
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Process Modeling

Modeling User Story Completion of an Agile Software Process
Dan X. Houston and Douglas J. Buettner
(Aerospace Corporation, USA)
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Building Lean Thinking in a Telecom Software Development Organization: Strengths and Challenges
Pilar Rodríguez, Kirsi Mikkonen, Pasi Kuvaja, Markku Oivo, and Juan Garbajosa
(University of Oulu, Finland; Ericsson, Finland; UPM, Spain)
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Measurement and Security

Episode Measurement Method: A Data Collection Technique for Observing Team Processes
Yvan Ton-That, Pierre N. Robillard, and Mathieu Lavallée
(Polytechnique Montréal, Canada)
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Mining Explicit Rules for Software Process Evaluation
Chengnian Sun, Jing Du, Ning Chen, Siau-Cheng Khoo, and Ye Yang
(National University of Singapore, Singapore; ISCAS, China; Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
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Processes in Securing Open Architecture Software Systems
Walt Scacchi and Thomas A. Alspaugh
(UC Irvine, USA)
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A Communication Process for Global Requirements Engineering
Sajid Ibrahim Hashmi, Fuyuki Ishikawa, and Ita Richardson
(Lero, Ireland; University of Limerick, Ireland; NII, Japan)
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Integrating Collaborative Requirements Negotiation and Prioritization Processes: A Match Made in Heaven
Nupul Kukreja and Barry Boehm
(University of Southern California, USA)
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Search Based Risk Mitigation Planning in Project Portfolio Management
Junchao Xiao, Leon J. Osterweil, Jie Chen, Qing Wang, and Mingshu Li
(ISCAS, China; University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA)
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Risk Management of Medical IT Networks: An ISO/IEC 15504 Compliant Approach to Assessment against IEC 80001-1
Silvana Togneri MacMahon, Fergal McCaffery, and Frank Keenan
(Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland)
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Software Process II

Generation of Process using Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm
Yoann Laurent, Reda Bendraou, and Marie-Pierre Gervais
(UPMC, France; Paris West University, France)
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Systematic Software Process Development: Where Do We Stand Today?
Marco Kuhrmann, Daniel Méndez Fernández, and Ragna Steenweg
(TU Munich, Germany)
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Criteria for Software Process Tailoring: A Systematic Review
Georg Kalus and Marco Kuhrmann
(TU Munich, Germany)
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