ICSME 2015
2015 IEEE 31st International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME)
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2015 IEEE 31st International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME), September 29 – October 1, 2015, Bremen, Germany

ICSME 2015 – Proceedings

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Technical Research Track

Tue, Sep 29, 10:40 - 12:20, GW2 B3009 (Chair: Michael Godfrey)

Software History under the Lens: A Study on Why and How Developers Examine It
Mihai Codoban, Sruti Srinivasa Ragavan, Danny Dig, and Brian Bailey
(Oregon State University, USA; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
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To Fix or to Learn? How Production Bias Affects Developers' Information Foraging during Debugging
David Piorkowski, Scott D. Fleming, Christopher Scaffidi, Margaret Burnett, Irwin Kwan, Austin Z. Henley, Jamie Macbeth, Charles Hill, and Amber Horvath
(Oregon State University, USA; University of Memphis, USA; Clemson University, USA)
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Developers' Perception of Co-change Patterns: An Empirical Study
Luciana L. Silva, Marco Tulio Valente, Marcelo de A. Maia, and Nicolas Anquetil
(Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil; Federal Institute of Triangulo Mineiro, Brazil; Federal University of Uberlândia, Brazil; INRIA, France)
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When and Why Developers Adopt and Change Software Licenses
Christopher Vendome, Mario Linares-Vásquez, Gabriele Bavota, Massimiliano Di Penta, Daniel M. German, and Denys Poshyvanyk
(College of William and Mary, USA; Free University of Bolzano, Italy; University of Sannio, Italy; University of Victoria, Canada)
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Program Comprehension
Tue, Sep 29, 13:50 - 15:30, GW2 B3009 (Chair: Denys Poshyvanyk)

Investigating Naming Convention Adherence in Java References
Simon Butler, Michel Wermelinger, and Yijun Yu
(Open University, UK)
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Developing a Model of Loop Actions by Mining Loop Characteristics from a Large Code Corpus
Xiaoran Wang, Lori Pollock, and K. Vijay-Shanker
(University of Delaware, USA)
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Delta Extraction: An Abstraction Technique to Comprehend Why Two Objects Could Be Related
Naoya Nitta and Tomohiro Matsuoka
(Konan University, Japan)
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Modeling Changeset Topics for Feature Location
Christopher S. Corley, Kelly L. Kashuda, and Nicholas A. Kraft
(University of Alabama, USA; ABB Corporate Research, USA)
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Software Quality
Tue, Sep 29, 16:00 - 17:40, GW2 B3009 (Chair: Alexander Serebrenik)

Four Eyes Are Better Than Two: On the Impact of Code Reviews on Software Quality
Gabriele Bavota and Barbara Russo
(Free University of Bolzano, Italy)
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A Comparative Study on the Bug-Proneness of Different Types of Code Clones
Manishankar Mondal, Chanchal K. Roy, and Kevin A. Schneider
(University of Saskatchewan, Canada)
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An Empirical Study of Bugs in Test Code
Arash Vahabzadeh, Amin Milani Fard, and Ali Mesbah
(University of British Columbia, Canada)
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Investigating Code Review Quality: Do People and Participation Matter?
Oleksii Kononenko, Olga Baysal, Latifa Guerrouj, Yaxin Cao, and Michael W. Godfrey
(University of Waterloo, Canada; Université de Montréal, Canada; École de Technologie Supérieure, Canada)
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Wed, Sep 30, 08:30 - 10:10, GW2 B3009 (Chair: Giuseppe Scanniello)

Inter-smell Relations in Industrial and Open Source Systems: A Replication and Comparative Analysis
Aiko Yamashita, Marco Zanoni, Francesca Arcelli Fontana, and Bartosz Walter
(Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Norway; University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy; Poznan University of Technology, Poland)
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Evaluating Clone Detection Tools with BigCloneBench
Jeffrey Svajlenko and Chanchal K. Roy
(University of Saskatchewan, Canada)
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Uncovering Dependence Clusters and Linchpin Functions
David Binkley, Árpád Beszédes, Syed Islam, Judit Jász, and Béla Vancsics
(Loyola University Maryland, USA; University of Szeged, Hungary; University of East London, UK)
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Forked and Integrated Variants in an Open-Source Firmware Project
Ștefan Stănciulescu, Sandro Schulze, and Andrzej Wąsowski
(IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark; TU Braunschweig, Germany)
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Program Analysis
Wed, Sep 30, 10:40 - 12:20, GW2 B3009 (Chair: Arpad Beszedes)

Towards Automating Dynamic Analysis for Behavioral Design Pattern Detection
Andrea De LuciaORCID logo, Vincenzo Deufemia, Carmine Gravino, and Michele Risi
(University of Salerno, Italy)
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Practical and Accurate Pinpointing of Configuration Errors using Static Analysis
Zhen Dong, Artur Andrzejak, and Kun Shao
(University of Heidelberg, Germany; Hefei University of Technology, China)
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Deterministic Dynamic Race Detection Across Program Versions
Sri Varun Poluri and Murali Krishna Ramanathan
(Indian Institute of Science, India)
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Program Specialization and Verification using File Format Specifications
Raveendra Kumar Medicherla, Raghavan Komondoor, and S. Narendran
(Tata Consultancy Services, India; Indian Institute of Science, India)
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Wed, Sep 30, 13:50 - 15:30, GW2 B3009 (Chair: Romain Robbes)

An Empirical Evaluation of Ant Build Maintenance using Formiga
Ryan Hardt and Ethan V. Munson
(University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, USA; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA)
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Scripting Parametric Refactorings in Java to Retrofit Design Patterns
Jongwook Kim, Don Batory, and Danny Dig
(University of Texas at Austin, USA; Oregon State University, USA)
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System Specific, Source Code Transformations
Gustavo Santos, Nicolas Anquetil, Anne Etien, Stéphane Ducasse, and Marco Tulio Valente
(INRIA, France; Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)
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A Decision Support System to Refactor Class Cycles
Tosin Daniel Oyetoyan, Daniela Soares Cruzes, and Christian Thurmann-Nielsen
(NTNU, Norway; SINTEF, Norway; EVRY, Norway)
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Code Mining and Recommendation
Thu, Oct 1, 10:40 - 12:20, GW2 B3009 (Chair: David Shepherd)

On the Role of Developer's Scattered Changes in Bug Prediction
Dario Di Nucci, Fabio PalombaORCID logo, Sandro Siravo, Gabriele Bavota, Rocco Oliveto, and Andrea De LuciaORCID logo
(University of Salerno, Italy; University of Molise, Italy; Free University of Bolzano, Italy)
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How Do Developers React to API Evolution? The Pharo Ecosystem Case
André Hora, Romain Robbes, Nicolas Anquetil, Anne Etien, Stéphane Ducasse, and Marco Tulio Valente
(Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil; University of Chile, Chile; INRIA, France)
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Who Should Review This Change?: Putting Text and File Location Analyses Together for More Accurate Recommendations
Xin Xia, David LoORCID logo, Xinyu Wang, and Xiaohu Yang
(Zhejiang University, China; Singapore Management University, Singapore)
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Exploring API Method Parameter Recommendations
Muhammad Asaduzzaman, Chanchal K. Roy, Samiul Monir, and Kevin A. Schneider
(University of Saskatchewan, Canada)
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Mobile Applications
Thu, Oct 1, 13:50 - 15:30, GW2 B3009 (Chair: Peng Xin)

How Can I Improve My App? Classifying User Reviews for Software Maintenance and Evolution
Sebastiano Panichella, Andrea Di Sorbo, Emitza Guzman, Corrado A. Visaggio, Gerardo Canfora, and Harald C. Gall
(University of Zurich, Switzerland; University of Sannio, Italy; TU München, Germany)
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User Reviews Matter! Tracking Crowdsourced Reviews to Support Evolution of Successful Apps
Fabio PalombaORCID logo, Mario Linares-Vásquez, Gabriele Bavota, Rocco Oliveto, Massimiliano Di Penta, Denys Poshyvanyk, and Andrea De LuciaORCID logo
(University of Salerno, Italy; College of William and Mary, USA; Free University of Bolzano, Italy; University of Molise, Italy; University of Sannio, Italy)
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What Are the Characteristics of High-Rated Apps? A Case Study on Free Android Applications
Yuan Tian, Meiyappan Nagappan, David LoORCID logo, and Ahmed E. Hassan
(Singapore Management University, Singapore; Rochester Institute of Technology, USA; Queen's University, Canada)
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GreenAdvisor: A Tool for Analyzing the Impact of Software Evolution on Energy Consumption
Karan Aggarwal, Abram Hindle, and Eleni Stroulia
(University of Alberta, Canada)
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