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2013 35th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE)
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2013 4th International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt (MTD), May 20, 2013, San Francisco, CA, USA

MTD 2013 – Proceedings

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4th International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt (MTD)

Title Page
Investigating Technical Debt Folklore: Shedding Some Light on Technical Debt Opinion
Rodrigo O. Spínola, Nico Zazworka, Antonio Vetrò, Carolyn Seaman, and Forrest Shull
(Universidade Salvador, Brazil; Elsevier Information Systems, Germany; Politecnico di Torino, Italy; University of Maryland in Baltimore County, USA; Fraunhofer CESE, USA)
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Managing Technical Debt: An Industrial Case Study
Zadia Codabux and Byron Williams
(Mississippi State University, USA)
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Practical Considerations, Challenges, and Requirements of Tool-Support for Managing Technical Debt
Davide Falessi, Michele A. Shaw, Forrest Shull, Kathleen Mullen, and Mark Stein
(Fraunhofer CESE, USA; Keymind, USA)
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DebtFlag: Technical Debt Management with a Development Environment Integrated Tool
Johannes Holvitie and Ville Leppänen
(Turku Centre for Computer Science, Finland; University of Turku, Finland)
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Understanding the Impact of Technical Debt on the Capacity and Velocity of Teams and Organizations: Viewing Team and Organization Capacity as a Portfolio of Real Options
Ken Power
(Cisco Systems, Ireland)
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Exploring Software Supply Chains From a Technical Debt Perspective
J. Yates Monteith and John D. McGregor
(Clemson University, USA)
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Mapping Architectural Decay Instances to Dependency Models
Ran Mo, Joshua Garcia, Yuanfang Cai, and Nenad Medvidovic
(Drexel University, USA; University of Southern California, USA)
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Generating Precise Dependencies for Large Software
Pei Wang, Jinqiu Yang, Lin Tan, Robert Kroeger, and J. David Morgenthaler
(University of Waterloo, Canada; Google, Canada; Google, USA)
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Towards a Model for Optimizing Technical Debt in Software Products
Narayan Ramasubbu and Chris F. Kemerer
(University of Pittsburgh, USA)
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CloudMTD: Using Real Options to Manage Technical Debt in Cloud-Based Service Selection
Esra Alzaghoul and Rami Bahsoon
(University of Birmingham, UK)
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On the Limits of the Technical Debt Metaphor: Some Guidance on Going Beyond
Klaus Schmid
(University of Hildesheim, Germany)
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