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2013 35th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE)
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2013 1st International Workshop on Assurance Cases for Software-Intensive Systems (ASSURE), May 19, 2013, San Francisco, CA, USA

ASSURE 2013 – Proceedings

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1st International Workshop on Assurance Cases for Software-Intensive Systems (ASSURE)


Title Page


Safety Cases: A Review of Challenges
Zarrin Langari and Tom Maibaum
(McMaster University, Canada)
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Measuring Assurance Case Confidence using Baconian Probabilities
Charles B. Weinstock, John B. Goodenough, and Ari Z. Klein
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Notations and Techniques

An Evaluation of Argument Patterns to Reduce Pitfalls of Applying Assurance Case
Shuichiro Yamamoto and Yutaka Matsuno
(Nagoya University, Japan)
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Nuanced Term-Matching to Assist in Compositional Safety Assurance
Katrina Attwood and Philippa Conmy
(University of York, UK)
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An Implementation of GSN Community Standard
Yutaka Matsuno and Shuichiro Yamamoto
(Nagoya University, Japan)
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Architecting and Generalizing a Safety Case for Critical Condition Detection Software: An Experience Report
Martin S. Feather and Lawrence Z. Markosian
(Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA; SGT, USA)
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Creating Safety Assurance Cases for Rebreather Systems
Alma L. Juarez Dominguez, Bruce G. Partridge, and Jeffrey J. Joyce
(University of Waterloo, Canada; Shearwater Research, Canada; Critical Systems Labs, Canada)
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Constructing Safety Assurance Cases for Medical Devices
Arnab Ray and Rance Cleaveland
(Fraunhofer CESE, USA; University of Maryland, USA)
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