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2012 First International Workshop on User Evaluation for Software Engineering Researchers (USER), June 5, 2012, Zurich, Switzerland

USER 2012 – Proceedings

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First International Workshop on User Evaluation for Software Engineering Researchers (USER)

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Combining Experiments and Grounded Theory to Evaluate a Research Prototype: Lessons from the Umple Model-Oriented Programming Technology
Omar Badreddin and Timothy C. Lethbridge
(University of Ottawa, Canada)
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User Evaluation of a Domain-Oriented End-User Design Environment for Building 3D Virtual Chemistry Experiments
Ying Zhong and Chang Liu
(Ohio University, USA)
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An Experiment in Developing Small Mobile Phone Applications Comparing On-Phone to Off-Phone Development
Tuan A. Nguyen, Sarker T. A. Rumee, Christoph Csallner, and Nikolai Tillmann
(University of Texas at Arlington, USA; Microsoft Research, USA)
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How Helpful Are Automated Debugging Tools?
Jeremias Rößler
(Saarland University, Germany)
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Evaluating Live Sequence Charts as a Programming Technique for Non-programmers
Michal Gordon and David Harel
(Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)
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Do We Stop Learning from Our Mistakes When Using Automatic Code Analysis Tools? An Experiment Proposal
Jan-Peter Ostberg and Stefan Wagner
(University of Stuttgart, Germany)
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Towards an Evaluation of Bidirectional Model-Driven Spreadsheets
Jácome Cunha, João Paulo Fernandes, Jorge Mendes, and João Saraiva
(University of Minho, Portugal; University of Porto, Portugal)
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Revisiting Bug Triage and Resolution Practices
Olga Baysal, Reid Holmes, and Michael W. Godfrey
(University of Waterloo, Canada)
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Is Essence a Measure of Maintainability?
Dmitrijs Zaparanuks and Matthias Hauswirth
(University of Lugano, Switzerland)
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Evaluating Awareness Information in Distributed Collaborative Editing by Software-Engineers
Julia Schenk
(Free University of Berlin, Germany)
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An Experimental Study of a Design-Driven, Tool-Based Development Approach
Quentin Enard, Christine Louberry, Charles Consel, and Xavier Blanc
(INRIA, France; University of Bordeaux, France; LaBRI, France)
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Industrially Validating Longitudinal Static and Dynamic Analyses
Reid Holmes, David Notkin, and Mark Hancock
(University of Waterloo, Canada; University of Washington, USA)
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User Evaluation of a Domain Specific Program Comprehension Tool
Leon Moonen
(Simula Research Laboratory, Norway)
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Stakeholder Involvement into Quality Definition and Evaluation for Service-Oriented Systems
Vladimir A. Shekhovtsov, Heinrich C. Mayr, and Christian Kop
(University of Klagenfurt, Austria)
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