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2012 34th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE)
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2012 First International Workshop on Software Engineering Challenges for the Smart Grid (SE-SmartGrids), June 3, 2012, Zurich, Switzerland

SE-SmartGrids 2012 – Proceedings

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First International Workshop on Software Engineering Challenges for the Smart Grid (SE-SmartGrids)


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Architecture and Design
(Chair: Ian Gorton)

OPC Unified Architecture: A Service-Oriented Architecture for Smart Grids
Sebastian Lehnhoff, Sebastian Rohjans, Mathias Uslar, and Wolfgang Mahnke
(OFFIS Institute for Information Technology, Germany; ABB Research, Germany)
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Establishing a Smart Grid Node Architecture and Demonstrator in an Office Environment Using the SOA Approach
Dagmar Koß, Denis Bytschkow, Pragya Kirti Gupta, Bernhard Schätz, Florian Sellmayr, and Steffen Bauereiß
(fortiss, Germany; TU Munich, Germany)
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Towards a Modular and Scalable Architecture for High-Level Smart Grid Applications
Niels Streekmann, Simon Giesecke, Gerriet Reents, Matthias Rohr, Michael Stadler, Nils Vogel, Martin Frenzel, Jörg Friebe, and Till Luhmann
(BTC Business Technology Consulting, Germany)
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Analysis and Framework
(Chair: Heiko Koziolek)

Challenges on Software Defect Analysis in Smart Grid Applications
Mohsen Anvaari, Daniela S. Cruzes, and Reidar Conradi
(NTNU, Norway)
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A Common Analysis Framework for Smart Distribution Networks Applied to Survivability Analysis of Distribution Automation
Anne Koziolek, Lucia Happe, Alberto Avritzer, and Sindhu Suresh
(University of Zurich, Switzerland; KIT, Germany; Siemens, USA)
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Dynamic Forecasting and Adaptation for Demand Optimization in the Smart Grid
Eamonn O'Toole and Siobhán Clarke
(Lero, Ireland; Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
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Use Cases
(Chair: Rick Kazman)

Initial Survey of Smart Grid Activities in the Norwegian Energy Sector – Use Cases, Industrial Challenges and Implications for Research
Tosin Daniel Oyetoyan, Reidar Conradi, and Kjell Sand
(NTNU, Norway; SINTEF, Norway)
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GridOPTICS(TM): A Design for Plug-and-Play Smart Grid Software Architecture
Ian Gorton, Yan Liu, and Jian Yin
(Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA)
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Modeling and QoS
(Chair: Yan Liu)

Software Models for Smart Grid
Anjali Singhal and Ramendra P. Saxena
(Mahamaya Technical University, India)
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Adaptive Security and Privacy in Smart Grids: A Software Engineering Vision
Mazeiar Salehie, Liliana Pasquale, Inah Omoronyia, and Bashar Nuseibeh
(Lero, Ireland; University of Limerick, Ireland)
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Applying Formal Software Engineering Techniques to Smart Grids
Georg Hackenberg, Maximilian Irlbeck, Vasileios Koutsoumpas, and Denis Bytschkow
(TU Munich, Germany; fortiss, Germany)
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