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2012 34th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE)
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2012 First International Workshop on Realizing AI Synergies in Software Engineering (RAISE), June 5, 2012, Zurich, Switzerland

RAISE 2012 – Proceedings

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First International Workshop on Realizing AI Synergies in Software Engineering (RAISE)


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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Software Engineering
Mark Harman
(University College London, UK)
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Session 1

Automated Prediction of Defect Severity Based on Codifying Design Knowledge Using Ontologies
Martin Iliev, Bilal Karasneh, Michel R. V. Chaudron, and Edwin Essenius
(Leiden University, Netherlands; Logica, Netherlands)
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Clone Detection Meets Semantic Web-Based Transitive Closure Computation
Iman Keivanloo and Juergen Rilling
(Concordia University, Canada)
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Session 2

Intelligent Monitoring of Software Components
Sabine Moisan
(INRIA Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée, France)
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Synchronizing Domain Models with Natural Language Specifications
Mathias Landhäußer, Sven J. Körner, and Walter F. Tichy
(KIT, Germany)
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GUI Reverse Engineering with Machine Learning
Inês Coimbra Morgado, Ana C. R. Paiva, João Pascoal Faria, and Rui Camacho
(University of Porto, Portugal; INESC Porto, Portugal)
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Learning Gestures for Interacting with Low-Fidelity Prototypes
Tulio de Souza Alcantara, Jörg Denzinger, Jennifer Ferreira, and Frank Maurer
(University of Calgary, Canada)
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Session 3

Machine Learning and Software Engineering in Health Informatics
David A. Clifton, Jeremy Gibbons, Jim Davies, and Lionel Tarassenko
(University of Oxford, UK)
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Predicting Mutation Score Using Source Code and Test Suite Metrics
Kevin Jalbert and Jeremy S. Bradbury
(University of Ontario, Canada)
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Context-Based Search to Overcome Learning Barriers in Software Development
Joel Cordeiro, Bruno Antunes, and Paulo Gomes
(University of Coimbra, Portugal)
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On Software Engineering Repositories and Their Open Problems
Daniel Rodriguez, Israel Herraiz, and Rachel Harrison
(University of Alcalá, Spain; TU Madrid, Spain; Oxford Brookes University, UK)
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