ICSE 2012 Workshops
2012 34th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE)
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2012 First International Workshop on Software Engineering Education Based on Real-World Experiences (EduRex), June 9, 2012, Zurich, Switzerland

EduRex 2012 – Proceedings

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First International Workshop on Software Engineering Education Based on Real-World Experiences (EduRex)


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Interacting with Customers in Student Projects

Teaching Requirements Engineering with Authentic Stakeholders: Towards a Scalable Course Setting
Gregor Gabrysiak, Markus Guentert, Regina Hebig, and Holger Giese
(HPI, Germany)
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Towards Production Ready Software in Project Courses with Real Clients
Bernd Brügge and Michaela Gluchow
(TU Munich, Germany)
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Software Environments and Software Systems for Courses

Integrating Open Source Software into Software Engineering Curriculum: Challenges in Selecting Projects
Swapna S. Gokhale, Thérèse Smith, and Robert McCartney
(University of Connecticut, USA)
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Software Development Studio - Bringing Industrial Environment to a Classroom
Sylwia Kopczyńska, Jerzy Nawrocki, and Mirosław Ochodek
(Poznan University of Technology, Poland)
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edubase Cloud: Cloud Platform for Cloud Education
Shigetoshi Yokoyama, Nobukazu Yoshioka, and Takahiro Shida
(National Institute of Informatics, Japan; NTT DATA Intellilink, Japan)
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Building a Curriculum: Interaction between Courses

An Experience Report on Cross-Semester Student Critique and Action in an Integrated Software Engineering, Service Learning Course
Richard Burns, Terry Harvey, and Lori Pollock
(University of Delaware, USA)
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Teaching Software Engineering with Projects
Jochen Ludewig and Ivan Bogicevic
(University of Stuttgart, Germany)
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Experiences with Project-Based Learning

Teaching Real-World Software Engineering through a Capstone Project Course with Industrial Customers
Jari Vanhanen, Timo O. A. Lehtinen, and Casper Lassenius
(Aalto University, Finland)
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Synergizing Industrial Needs and Academic Research for Better Software Education
Sigrid Eldh and Sasikumar Punnekkat
(Ericsson, Sweden; Karlstad University, Sweden; Mälardalen University, Sweden)
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Teamwork, Coordination and Customer Relationship Management Skills: As Important as Technical Skills in Preparing Our SE Graduates
Daniela Damian and Arber Borici
(University of Victoria, Canada)
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