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33rd International Conference on Software Engineering
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Fourth Workshop on Refactoring Tools (WRT 2011), May 22, 2011, Waikiki, Honolulu, HI, USA

WRT 2011 – Proceedings

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Fourth Workshop on Refactoring Tools (WRT 2011)


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Full Papers

Code-Motion for API Migration: Fixing SQL Injection Vulnerabilities in Java
Aharon Abadi, Yishai A. Feldman, and Mati Shomrat
(IBM Research Haifa, Israel; Tel Aviv University, Israel)
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A Visualization Method of Program Dependency Graph for Identifying Extract Method Opportunity
Tomoko Kanemitsu, Yoshiki Higo, and Shinji Kusumoto
(Osaka University, Japan)
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Automated Acceptance Test Refactoring
Rodrick Borg and Martin Kropp
(UAS Northwestern Switzerland)
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A Security-Aware Refactoring Tool for Java Programs
Katsuhisa Maruyama and Takayuki Omori
(Ritsumeikan University, Japan)
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Short Papers

A Refactoring Tool to Extract GPU Kernels
Kostadin Damevski and Madhan Muralimanohar
(Virginia State University, USA)
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Understanding the Longevity of Code Smells: Preliminary Results of an Explanatory Survey
Roberta Arcoverde, Alessandro Garcia, and Eduardo Figueiredo
(PUC-Rio, Brazil; UFMG, Brazil)
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Impact of Refactoring on Quality Code Evaluation
Francesca Arcelli Fontana and Stefano Spinelli
(University of Milano Bicocca, Italy)
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Code-Imp: A Tool for Automated Search-Based Refactoring
Iman Hemati Moghadam and Mel Ó Cinnéide
(University College Dublin, Ireland)
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