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33rd International Conference on Software Engineering
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First Workshop on Developing Tools as Plug-ins (TOPI 2011), May 28, 2011, Waikiki, Honolulu, HI, USA

TOPI 2011 – Proceedings

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First Workshop on Developing Tools as Plug-ins (TOPI 2011)


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Supporting Plug-in Mashes to Ease Tool Integration
Leonardo Mariani and Fabrizio Pastore
(University of Milano Bicocca, Italy)
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Pest: From the Lab to the Classroom
Guido de Caso, Diego Garbervetsky, and Daniel Gorin
(Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
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Four Generic Issues for Tools-as-Plugins Illustrated by the Distributed Editor Saros
Lutz Prechelt and Karl Beecher
(Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)
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Ginga-NCL Architecture for Plug-ins
Marcio Ferreira Moreno, Rafael Savignon Marinho, and Luiz Fernando Gomes Soares
(PUC-Rio, Brazil)
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Platform Support for Developing Testing and Analysis Plug-ins
Shauvik Roy Choudhary, Jeremy Duvall, Wei Jin, Dan Zhao, and Alessandro Orso
(Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
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Reconciling the 3-layer Architectural Style with the Eclipse Plug-in-based Architecture
David Ameller, Oriol Collell, and Xavier Franch
(Universistat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain)
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AODVis: Leveraging Eclipse Plugins to Reverse Engineer and Visualize AspectJ/Java Source Code
Jeffrey Koch, Sunil Bohra, Rohit Goel, Sonali Pagade, and Kendra M. L. Cooper
(University of Texas at Dallas, USA)
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RDB2RDF Plugin: Relational Databases to RDF Plugin for Eclipse
Percy E. Salas, Edgard Marx, Alexander Mera, and José Viterbo
(PUC-Rio, Brazil; Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil)
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Application Management Plug-ins through Dynamically Pluggable Probes
Kiev Gama, Gabriel Pedraza, Thomas Lévêque, and Didier Donsez
(University of Grenoble, France; Mälardalen University, Sweden)
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SRP-Plugin: A Strategic Release Planning Plug-in for Visual Studio 2010
Jamshaid G. Mohebzada, Guenther Ruhe, and Armin Eberlein
(University of Calgary, Canada; American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates)
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IDE Support to Facilitate the Transition from Rapid Prototyping to Robust Software Production
Francisco Ortin and Anton Morant
(University of Oviedo, Spain; University of Oxford, UK)
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Contractor.NET: Inferring Typestate Properties to Enrich Code Contracts
Edgardo Zoppi, Víctor Braberman, Guido de Caso, Diego Garbervetsky, and Sebastián Uchitel
(Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
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Fishtail: From Task Context to Source Code Examples
Nicholas Sawadsky and Gail C. Murphy
(University of British Columbia, Canada)
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A Cloud-aware API for Semi-structured BLOB Databases Addressing Data Overflow
Jaumir V. da Silveira, Jr. and Karin K. Breitman
(PUC-Rio, Brazil)
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Short Papers

Resource Usage Contracts for .NET
Jonathan Tapicer, Diego Garbervetsky, and Martin Rouaux
(UBA, Argentina)
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Architecting a Plug-in Based Steam Turbine Design Tool
Stefanos Zachariadis and Tim Cianchi
(Zuhlke Engineering, UK)
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Towards Subtyped Program Generation in F#
Baris Aktemur
(Özyeğin University, Turkey)
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OthelloPlay– A Plug-in Based Tool for Requirement Formalization and Validation
Roberto Cavada, Alessandro Cimatti, Andrea Micheli, Marco Roveri, Angelo Susi, and Stefano Tonetta
(FBK, Italy)
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An OpenGL-based Eclipse Plug-in for Visual Debugging
André Riboira, Rui Abreu, and Rui Rodrigues
(University of Porto, Portugal)
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eCLAIM - An Eclipse Plug-in for Mobile MAS Applications
Diego Salomone Bruno, Karin K. Breitman, and Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni
(PUC-RIO, Brazil; LIP6, France)
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ICE: Circumventing Meltdown with an Advanced Binary Analysis Framework
Dean Pucsek, Jonah Wall, Celina Gibbs, Jennifer Baldwin, Martin Salois, and Yvonne Coady
(University of Victoria, Canada; Defence Research and Development, Canada)
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