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33rd International Conference on Software Engineering
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Sixth International Workshop on Traceability in Emerging Forms of Software Engineering (TEFSE 2011), May 23, 2011, Waikiki, Honolulu, HI, USA

TEFSE 2011 – Proceedings

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Sixth International Workshop on Traceability in Emerging Forms of Software Engineering (TEFSE 2011)


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Full Papers

Traceability Research: Taking the Next Steps
Jane Cleland-Huang
(DePaul University, USA)
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Source Code Indexing for Automated Tracing
Anas Mahmoud and Nan Niu
(Mississippi State University, USA)
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Traceability between Function Point and Source Code
Paulo José Azevedo Vianna Ferreira and Márcio De Oliveira Barros
(UNIRIO, Brazil)
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Grand Challenges, Benchmarks, and TraceLab: Developing Infrastructure for the Software Traceability Research Community
Jane Cleland-Huang, Adam Czauderna, Alex Dekhtyar, Olly Gotel, Jane Huffman Hayes, Ed Keenan, Greg Leach, Jonathan Maletic, Denys Poshyvanyk, Yonghee Shin, Andrea Zisman, Giuliano Antoniol, Brian Berenbach, Alexander Egyed, and Patrick Maeder
(DePaul University, USA; Cal Poly, USA; University of Kentucky, USA; Kent State University, USA; College of William and Mary, USA; City University London, UK; École Polytechnique Montréal, Canada; Siemens Corporate Research, USA; Johannes Kepler University, Austria)
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Traceclipse: An Eclipse Plug-in for Traceability Link Recovery and Management
Samuel Klock, Malcom Gethers, Bogdan Dit, and Denys Poshyvanyk
(College of William and Mary, USA)
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Recovering Traceability Links between Source Code and Fixed Bugs via Patch Analysis
Christopher S. Corley, Nicholas A. Kraft, Letha H. Etzkorn, and Stacy K. Lukins
(University of North Alabama, USA; The University of Alabama, USA; The University of Alabama at Huntsville, USA)
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Short Papers

Tracing Requirements for Adaptive Systems using Claims
Kristopher Welsh, Nelly Bencomo, and Peter Sawyer
(Lancaster University, UK; INRIA Paris, France)
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Formalizing Traceability Relations for Product Lines
Luis C. Lamb, Waraporn Jirapanthong, and Andrea Zisman
(Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil; Dhurakij Pundit University, Thailand; City University London, UK)
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Improving Traceability Link Recovery Methods through Software Artifact Summarization
Jairo Aponte and Andrian Marcus
(Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia; Wayne State University, USA)
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Software Verification and Validation Research Laboratory (SVVRL) of the University of Kentucky: Traceability Challenge 2011: Language Translation
Jane Huffman Hayes, Hakim Sultanov, Wei-Keat Kong, and Wenbin Li
(University of Kentucky, USA)
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Creating Operational Profiles of Software Systems by Transforming their Log Files to Directed Cyclic Graphs
Meiyappan Nagappan and Brian Robinson
(North Carolina State University, USA; ABB Corporate Research, USA)
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Towards a Model of Analyst Effort for Traceability Research
Alex Dekhtyar, Jane Huffman Hayes, and Matt Smith
(California Polytechnic State University, USA; University of Kentucky, USA)
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A Rich Traceability Model for Social Interactions
Maurício Serrano and Julio Cesar Sampaio do Prado Leite
(Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
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On the Use of Eye Tracking in Software Traceability
Bonita Sharif and Huzefa Kagdi
(Ohio University, USA; Winston Salem State University, USA)
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Analyzing the Role of Tags as Lightweight Traceability Links
Matthew L. Hale, Noah M. Jorgenson, and Rose F. Gamble
(University of Tulsa, USA)
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Traceability Challenge 2011: Using TraceLab to Evaluate the Impact of Local versus Global IDF on Trace Retrieval
Adam Czauderna, Marek Gibiec, Greg Leach, Yubin Li, Yonghee Shin, Ed Keenan, and Jane Cleland-Huang
(DePaul University, USA)
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