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33rd International Conference on Software Engineering
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Third International Workshop on Principles of Engineering Service-Oriented Systems (PESOS 2011), May 23-24, 2011, Waikiki, Honolulu, HI, USA

PESOS 2011 – Proceedings

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Third International Workshop on Principles of Engineering Service-Oriented Systems (PESOS 2011)

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Tweetflows - Flexible Workflows with Twitter
Martin Treiber, Daniel Schall, Schahram Dustdar, and Christian Scherling
(Vienna University of Technology, Austria; ikangai solutions, Austria)
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From Textual Use Cases to Service Component Models
Zuohua Ding, Mingyue Jiang, and Jens Palsberg
(Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, China; UC Los Angeles, USA)
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Engineering Multi-Tenant Software-as-a-Service Systems
Bikram Sengupta and Abhik Roychoudhury
(IBM Research, India; National University of Singapore, Singapore)
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Towards Efficient Measuring of Web Services API Coverage
Waldemar Hummer, Orna Raz, and Schahram Dustdar
(Vienna University of Technology, Austria; IBM Haifa Research Lab, Israel)
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Evaluating the Compatibility of Conversational Service Interactions
Sam Guinea and Paola Spoletini
(Politecnico di Milano, Italy; Università dell'Insubria, Italy)
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SMaRT: A Workbench for Reporting the Monitorability of Services from SLAs
Howard Foster and George Spanoudakis
(City University London, UK)
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Identifying, Modifying, Creating, and Removing Monitor Rules for Service Oriented Computing
Ricardo Contreras and Andrea Zisman
(City University London, UK)
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Business Process Performance Prediction on a Tracked Simulation Model
Andrei Solomon and Marin Litoiu
(York University, Canada)
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Architecture-based Reliability Analysis of Web Services in Multilayer Environment
M. Rahmani, A. Azadmanesh, and Harvey Siy
(University of Nebraska-Omaha, USA)
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