ICSE 2011 Workshops
33rd International Conference on Software Engineering
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Workshop on Games and Software Engineering (GAS 2011), May 22, 2011, Waikiki, Honolulu, HI, USA

GAS 2011 – Proceedings

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Workshop on Games and Software Engineering (GAS 2011)


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Observations on Games and Software Engineering

The Whats and the Whys of Games and Software Engineering
Chris Lewis and Jim Whitehead
(UC Santa Cruz, USA)
Modding as a Basis for Developing Game Systems
Walt Scacchi
(UC Irvine, USA)

Games and Software Engineering Education

Software Engineering Senior Design Course: Experiences with Agile Game Development in a Capstone Project
Tucker Smith, Kendra M. L. Cooper, and C. Shaun Longstreet
(The University of Texas at Dallas, USA)
The Benefits and Challenges of Using Educational Game Projects in an Undergraduate Software Engineering Course
Stephanie Ludi
(Rochester Institute of Technology, USA)
Verified Gaming
Joseph R. Kiniry and Daniel M. Zimmerman
(IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark; University of Washington at Tacoma, USA)
Exploring Game Architecture Best-Practices with Classic Space Invaders
Ed Keenan and Adam Steele
(DePaul University, USA)

Techniques for Software Engineering of Games

Toward High-Level Reuse of Statechart-based AI in Computer Games
Christopher Dragert, Jörg Kienzle, and Clark Verbrugge
(McGill University, Canada)
HALO (Highly Addictive, sociaLly Optimized) Software Engineering
Swapneel Sheth, Jonathan Bell, and Gail Kaiser ORCID logo
(Columbia University, USA)
The Architectural Challenges of Adding Accessibility Features to ALICE as a Case Study of Maintenance in Educational Software
Stephanie Ludi, George Adams, IV., Bradley Blankenship, and Michel Dapiran
(Rochester Institute of Technology, USA)

Games and the Physical World

GameChanger: A Middleware for Social Exergames
Jamie Payton, Evie Powell, Andrea Nickel, Katelyn Doran, and Tiffany Barnes
(University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA)
Interoperability Standards for Pervasive Games
Chris Branton, Doris Carver, and Brygg Ullmer
(Louisiana State University, USA)
Serious Game Development as an Iterative User-Centered Agile Software Project
Hazeline Asuncion, David Socha, Kelvin Sung, Scott Berfield, and Wanda Gregory
(University of Washington at Bothell, USA)
Towards Democratizing Computer Science Education through Social Game Design
Navid Ahmadi, Mehdi Jazayeri, and Alexander Repenning
(University of Lugano, Switzerland; University of Colorado, USA)
Software Engineering Challenges of Multi-player Outdoor Smartphone Games
Robert J. Hall
(AT&T Labs Research, USA)

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