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19th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI 2017)
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1st ACM SIGCHI International Workshop on Investigating Social Interactions with Artificial Agents (ISIAA 2017), November 13, 2017, Glasgow, UK

ISIAA 2017 – Advance Table of Contents

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1st ACM SIGCHI International Workshop on Investigating Social Interactions with Artificial Agents (ISIAA 2017)


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Message from the Chairs
Greta: A Conversing Socio-emotional Agent
Catherine Pelachaud
(CNRS, France; ISIR, France; UPMC, France)
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Introducing ADELE: A Personalized Intelligent Companion
Brendan Spillane, Emer Gilmartin, Christian Saam, Ketong Su, Benjamin R. Cowan, Séamus Lawless, and Vincent Wade
(Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; University College Dublin, Ireland)
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Dialog Acts in Greeting and Leavetaking in Social Talk
Emer Gilmartin, Brendan Spillane, Maria O’Reilly, Ketong Su, Christian Saam, Benjamin R. Cowan, Nick Campbell, and Vincent Wade
(Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
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Social Talk: Making Conversation with People and Machine
Emer Gilmartin, Marine Collery, Ketong Su, Yuyun Huang, Christy Elias, Benjamin R. Cowan, and Nick Campbell
(Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
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Integration and Evaluation of Social Competences such as Humor in an Artificial Interactive Agent
Matthieu Riou, Bassam Jabaian, Stéphane Huet, Thierry Chaminade, and Fabrice Lefèvre
(University of Avignon, France; CNRS, France; Aix-Marseille University, France)
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A Corpus for Experimental Study of Affect Bursts in Human-Robot Interaction
Lucile Bechade, Kevin El Haddad, Juliette Bourquin, Stéphane Dupont, and Laurence Devillers
(University of Paris-Saclay, France; University of Mons, Belgium)
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Recognizing Emotions in Spoken Dialogue with Acoustic and Lexical Cues
Leimin Tian, Johanna Moore, and Catherine Lai
(University of Edinburgh, UK)
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Could a Virtual Agent Be Warm and Competent? Investigating User's Impressions of Agent's Non-verbal Behaviours
Beatrice Biancardi, Angelo Cafaro, and Catherine Pelachaud
(UPMC, France)
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Using Crowd-Sourcing for the Design of Listening Agents: Challenges and Opportunities
Catharine Oertel, Patrik Jonell, Kevin Haddad, Szekely Eva, and Joakim Gustafson
(KTH, Sweden; University of Mons, Belgium)
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Introducing a ROS Based Planning and Execution Framework for Human-Robot Interaction
Christian Dondrup, Ioannis Papaioannou, Jekaterina Novikova, and Oliver Lemon
(Heriot-Watt University, UK)
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Multi-modal Social Interaction Recognition using View-Invariant Features
Rim Trabelsi, Jagannadan Varadarajan, Yong Pei, Le Zhang, Issam Jabri, Ammar Bouallegue, and Pierre Moulin
(Advanced Digital Sciences Center, Singapore; National Engineering School of Gabes, Tunisia; National Engineering School of Tunis, Tunisia; University of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
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Who Has to Do It? The Use of Personal Pronouns in Human-Human and Human-Robot-Interaction
Brigitte Krenn, Stephanie Gross, and Lisa Nussbaumer
(Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Austria)
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Analyses of the Effects of Agents' Performing Self-Adaptors
Tomoko Koda
(Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan)
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A Review of Evaluation Techniques for Social Dialogue Systems
Amanda Cercas Curry, Helen Hastie, and Verena Rieser
(Interaction Lab, UK; Heriot-Watt University, UK)
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Intimately Intelligent Virtual Agents: Knowing the Human beyond Sensory Input
Deborah Richards
(Macquarie University, Australia)
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En Route to a Better Integration and Evaluation of Social Capacities in Vocal Artificial Agents
Fabrice Lefèvre
(University of Avignon, France)
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Dialogue Management in Task-Oriented Dialogue Systems
Philippe Blache
(Aix-Marseille University, France)
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Challenges for Adaptive Dialogue Management in the KRISTINA Project
Louisa Pragst, Juliana Miehle, Wolfgang Minker, and Stefan Ultes
(University of Ulm, Germany; Cambridge University, UK)
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Investigating Social Interactions with Artificial Agents
Thierry Chaminade, Fabrice Lefèvre, Noël Nguyen, and Magalie Ochs
(Aix-Marseille University, France; University of Avignon, France)
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Body Language without a Body: Nonverbal Communication in Technology Mediated Settings
Alessandro Vinciarelli
(University of Glasgow, UK)
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How Do Artificial Agents Think?
Thierry Chaminade
(Aix-Marseille University, France)
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