ICFP Workshops 2024
29th ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP 2024)
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17th ACM SIGPLAN International Haskell Symposium (Haskell 2024), September 6–7, 2024, Milan, Italy

Haskell 2024 – Preliminary Table of Contents

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17th ACM SIGPLAN International Haskell Symposium (Haskell 2024)


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Haskelite: A Tracing Interpreter Based on a Pattern-Matching Calculus
Pedro VasconcelosORCID logo and Rodrigo Marques ORCID logo
(University of Porto, Portugal)
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Higher Order Patterns for Rewrite Rules
Jaro Reinders ORCID logo
(Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
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Welcome to the Parti(tioning) (Functional Pearl): Using Rewrite Rules and Specialisation to Partition Haskell Programs
Robert KrookORCID logo and Samuel HammersbergORCID logo
(Chalmers University of Technology - Gothenburg University, Sweden; Gothenburg University, Sweden)
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Cloaca: A Concurrent Hardware Garbage Collector for Non-strict Functional Languages
Craig Ramsay ORCID logo and Robert Stewart ORCID logo
(Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom)
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Functional Reactive Programming, Rearranged
Finnbar KeatingORCID logo and Michael B. Gale ORCID logo
(University of Warwick, United Kingdom; GitHub, United Kingdom)
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Making a Curry Interpreter using Effects and Handlers
Niels Bunkenburg ORCID logo and Nicolas WuORCID logo
(Kiel University, Germany; Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
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MicroHs: A Small Compiler for Haskell
Lennart Augustsson ORCID logo
(Epic Games, Sweden)
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Controlling Computation Granularity through Fusion in Improving Floating-Point Numbers
Momoka Saito ORCID logo, Hideya Iwasaki ORCID logo, Hideyuki Kawabata ORCID logo, and Tsuneyasu Komiya ORCID logo
(University of Electro-Communications, Japan; Meiji University, Japan; Hiroshima City University, Japan)
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Liquid Amortization: Proving Amortized Complexity with LiquidHaskell (Functional Pearl)
Jan van Brügge ORCID logo
(Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom)
Calculating Compilers Effectively
Zac Garby ORCID logo, Graham Hutton ORCID logo, and Patrick BahrORCID logo
(University of Nottingham, United Kingdom; IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
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