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27th ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP 2022)
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15th ACM SIGPLAN International Haskell Symposium (Haskell 2022), September 15–16, 2022, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Haskell 2022 – Preliminary Table of Contents

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15th ACM SIGPLAN International Haskell Symposium (Haskell 2022)


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Welcome from the Chair


A Totally Predictable Outcome: An Investigation of Traversals of Infinite Structures
Gershom Bazerman ORCID logo
(Arista Networks, USA)
Oregano: Staging Regular Expressions with Moore Cayley Fusion
Jamie Willis ORCID logo, Nicolas WuORCID logo, and Tom SchrijversORCID logo
(Imperial College London, UK; KU Leuven, Belgium)
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Trevor L. McDonell ORCID logo, Joshua D. Meredith ORCID logo, and Gabriele Keller ORCID logo
(Utrecht University, Netherlands; IOHK, Australia)
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Investigating Magic Numbers: Improving the Inlining Heuristic in the Glasgow Haskell Compiler
Celeste Hollenbeck ORCID logo, Michael F. P. O'Boyle ORCID logo, and Michel SteuwerORCID logo
(University of Edinburgh, UK)
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How to Safely Use Extensionality in Liquid Haskell
Niki VazouORCID logo and Michael Greenberg ORCID logo
(IMDEA Software Institute, Spain; Stevens Institute of Technology, USA)
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Reasonable Agda Is Correct Haskell: Writing Verified Haskell using agda2hs
Jesper Cockx ORCID logo, Orestis Melkonian ORCID logo, Lucas Escot ORCID logo, James Chapman ORCID logo, and Ulf Norell ORCID logo
(Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, Netherlands; University of Edinburgh, UK; IOG, UK; University of Gothenburg, Sweden)
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Liquid Proof Macros
Henry Blanchette ORCID logo, Niki VazouORCID logo, and Leonidas LampropoulosORCID logo
(University of Maryland at College Park, USA; IMDEA Software Institute, Spain)
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Coinduction Inductively: Mechanizing Coinductive Proofs in Liquid Haskell
Lykourgos Mastorou ORCID logo, Nikolaos Papaspyrou ORCID logo, and Niki VazouORCID logo
(National Technical University of Athens, Greece; IMDEA Software Institute, Spain; Google, Germany)
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Partial Type Constructors in Practice
Apoorv Ingle ORCID logo, Alex Hubers ORCID logo, and J. Garrett Morris ORCID logo
(University of Iowa, USA)
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Open Transactional Actions: Interacting with Non-transactional Resources in STM Haskell
Jonathas Augusto de Oliveira Conceição ORCID logo, André Rauber Du Bois ORCID logo, Samuel da Silva Feitosa ORCID logo, Gerson Geraldo Homrich Cavalheiro ORCID logo, and Rodrigo Geraldo Ribeiro ORCID logo
(Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil; Federal University of Fronteira Sul, Brazil; ; Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil Federal University of Ouro Preto, Brazil)
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