ICFP Workshops 2019
24th ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP 2019)
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4th ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Type-Driven Development (TyDe 2019), August 18, 2019, Berlin, Germany

TyDe 2019 – Preliminary Table of Contents

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4th ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Type-Driven Development (TyDe 2019)


Title Page
Welcome from the Chairs


How to do Proofs: Practically Proving Properties about Effectful Programs' Results (Functional Pearl)
Koen Jacobs, Andreas Nuyts, and Dominique Devriese
(KU Leuven, Belgium; Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)
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Generic Level Polymorphic N-ary Functions
Guillaume Allais
(University of Strathclyde, UK)
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Deferring the Details and Deriving Programs
Liam O'Connor
(UNSW, Australia)
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Tic Tac Types: A Gentle Introduction to Dependently Typed Programming (Functional Pearl)
Sean Innes and Nicolas Wu
(University of Bristol, UK; Imperial College London, UK)
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Inductive Types Deconstructed: The Calculus of United Constructions
Stefan Monnier
(Université de Montréal, Canada)
Constraint-Based Type-Directed Program Synthesis
Peter-Michael Osera
(Grinnell College, USA)
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