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22nd ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP 2017)
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10th ACM SIGPLAN International Haskell Symposium (Haskell 2017), September 7-8, 2017, Oxford, UK

Haskell 2017 – Proceedings

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10th ACM SIGPLAN International Haskell Symposium (Haskell 2017)


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Message from the Chair

Session 1

Ornaments: Exploiting Parametricity for Safer, More Automated Code Refactorization and Code Reuse (Invited Talk)
Didier Rémy
(Inria, France)
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Algebraic Graphs with Class (Functional Pearl)
Andrey Mokhov
(Newcastle University, UK)
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Packrats Parse in Packs
Mario Blažević and Jacques Légaré
(Stilo International, Canada)
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Ode on a Random Urn (Functional Pearl)
Leonidas Lampropoulos, Antal Spector-Zabusky, and Kenneth Foner
(University of Pennsylvania, USA)
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Session 2

QuickSpec: A Lightweight Theory Exploration Tool for Programmers (System Demonstration)
Maximilian Algehed, Koen Claessen, Moa Johansson, and Nick Smallbone
(Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
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Speculate: Discovering Conditional Equations and Inequalities about Black-Box Functions by Reasoning from Test Results
Rudy Braquehais and Colin Runciman
(University of York, UK)
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Using Coq to Write Fast and Correct Haskell
John Wiegley and Benjamin Delaware
(BAE Systems, USA; Purdue University, USA)
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A Tale of Two Provers: Verifying Monoidal String Matching in Liquid Haskell and Coq
Niki Vazou, Leonidas Lampropoulos, and Jeff Polakow
(University of Maryland, USA; University of Pennsylvania, USA; Awake Networks, USA)
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A Meta-EDSL for Distributed Web Applications
Anton Ekblad
(Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
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Composable Network Stacks and Remote Monads
Justin Dawson, Mark Grebe, and Andy Gill
(University of Kansas, USA)
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Session 3

Algorithmic Music in Haskell (Invited Talk)
Donya Quick
(Stevens Institute of Technology, USA)
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Well-Typed Music Does Not Sound Wrong (Experience Report)
Dmitrij Szamozvancev and Michael B. Gale
(University of Cambridge, UK)
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Back to the Future: Time Travel in FRP
Ivan Perez
(University of Nottingham, UK)
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The Linearity Monad
Jennifer Paykin and Steve Zdancewic
(University of Pennsylvania, USA)
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Session 4

Elaboration on Functional Dependencies: Functional Dependencies Are Dead, Long Live Functional Dependencies!
Georgios Karachalias and Tom Schrijvers
(KU Leuven, Belgium)
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Quantified Class Constraints
Gert-Jan Bottu, Georgios Karachalias, Tom Schrijvers, Bruno C. d. S. Oliveira, and Philip Wadler
(KU Leuven, Belgium; University of Hong Kong, China; University of Edinburgh, UK)
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Hardware Software Co-design in Haskell
Markus Aronsson and Mary Sheeran
(Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
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Streaming Irregular Arrays
Robert Clifton-Everest, Trevor L. McDonell, Manuel M. T. Chakravarty, and Gabriele Keller
(UNSW, Australia)
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Improving STM Performance with Transactional Structs
Ryan Yates and Michael L. Scott
(University of Rochester, USA)
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Adaptive Lock-Free Data Structures in Haskell: A General Method for Concurrent Implementation Swapping
Chao-Hong Chen, Vikraman Choudhury, and Ryan R. Newton
(Indiana University, USA)
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