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Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages, Volume 4, Number HOPL
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Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages, Volume 4, Number HOPL, June 14–16, 2020, London, UK

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APL Since 1978
Roger K. W. Hui and Morten J. Kromberg
(Dyalog, UK)
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Thriving in a Crowded and Changing World: C++ 2006–2020
Bjarne Stroustrup
(Morgan Stanley, USA; Columbia University, USA)
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A History of Clojure
Rich Hickey
(Cognitect, USA)
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History of Coarrays and SPMD Parallelism in Fortran
John Reid, Bill Long, and Jon Steidel
(JKR Associates and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK; HPE, USA; Intel, USA)
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Origins of the D Programming Language
Walter Bright, Andrei Alexandrescu, and Michael Parker
(The D Language Foundation, USA)
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Evolution of Emacs Lisp
Stefan Monnier and Michael Sperber
(Université de Montréal, Canada; Active Group, Germany)
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The Early History of F#
Don Syme
(Microsoft, UK)
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A History of the Groovy Programming Language
Paul King
(Object Computing, Australia)
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JavaScript: The First 20 Years
Allen Wirfs-Brock and Brendan Eich
(Wirfs-Brock Associates, USA; Brave Software, USA)
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Jeffrey Kodosky
(National Instruments, USA)
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History of Logo
Cynthia Solomon, Brian Harvey, Ken Kahn, Henry Lieberman, Mark L. Miller, Margaret Minsky, Artemis Papert, and Brian Silverman
(Cynthia Solomon Consulting, USA; University of California at Berkeley, USA; University of Oxford, UK; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA; Learningtech.org, USA; NYU Shanghai, China; Playful Invention, Canada)
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Hygienic Macro Technology
William D. Clinger and Mitchell Wand
(Northeastern University, USA)
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A History of MATLAB
Cleve Moler and Jack Little
(MathWorks, USA)
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The Origins of Objective-C at PPI/Stepstone and Its Evolution at NeXT
Brad J. Cox, Steve Naroff, and Hansen Hsu
(Computer History Museum, USA)
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A History of the Oz Multiparadigm Language
Peter Van Roy, Seif Haridi, Christian Schulte, and Gert Smolka
(Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium; KTH, Sweden; RISE SICS, Sweden; Saarland University, Germany)
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S, R, and Data Science
John M. Chambers
(Stanford University, USA)
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The Evolution of Smalltalk: From Smalltalk-72 through Squeak
Daniel Ingalls
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The History of Standard ML
David MacQueen, Robert Harper, and John Reppy
(University of Chicago, USA; Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
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Verilog HDL and Its Ancestors and Descendants
Peter Flake, Phil Moorby, Steve Golson, Arturo Salz, and Simon Davidmann
(Elda Technology, UK; Rockport, USA; Trilobyte Systems, USA; Synopsys, USA; Imperas Software, UK)
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