FTfJP 2022
24th ACM International Workshop on Formal Techniques for Java-like Programs (FTfJP 2022)
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24th ACM International Workshop on Formal Techniques for Java-like Programs (FTfJP 2022), June 7, 2022, Berlin, Germany

FTfJP 2022 – Proceedings

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FTfJP 2022 A

Rusty Links in Local Chains
James Noble ORCID logo, Julian Mackay ORCID logo, and Tobias Wrigstad ORCID logo
(Creative Research & Programming, New Zealand; Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand; Uppsala University, Sweden)
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Using Functional Reactive Programming to Define Safe Actor Systems
Nick Webster ORCID logo, Marco Servetto ORCID logo, and Michael Homer ORCID logo
(Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
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FTfJP 2022 B

Automated Reasoning Repair
Amirfarhad Nilizadeh ORCID logo, Gary T. LeavensORCID logo, and David R. Cok ORCID logo
(University of Central Florida, USA; Safer Software Consulting, USA)
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On the Need for a Common API for Abstract Domains of Object-Oriented Programs
Gianluca Amato ORCID logo, Maria Chiara Meo ORCID logo, and Francesca Scozzari ORCID logo
(Università di Chieti-Pescara, Italy)
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A Graph-Based Formal Semantics of Reactive Programming from First Principles
Bjarno Oeyen ORCID logo, Joeri De Koster ORCID logo, and Wolfgang De Meuter ORCID logo
(Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)
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FTfJP 2022 D

Documentation and Educational Materials for a 2nd Edition of the Java Modeling Language
David R. Cok ORCID logo
(Safer Software Consulting, USA)
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Formalizing 𝜑-Calculus: A Purely Object-Oriented Calculus of Decorated Objects
Nikolai Kudasov ORCID logo and Violetta Sim ORCID logo
(Innopolis University, Russian Federation)
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