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32nd ACM International Conference on the Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE 2024)
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1st ACM International Conference on AI-Powered Software (AIware 2024), July 15–16, 2024, Porto de Galinhas, Brazil

AIware 2024 – Preliminary Table of Contents

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1st ACM International Conference on AI-Powered Software (AIware 2024)


Title Page
Message from the Chairs

Main Track

Identifying the Factors That Influence Trust in AI Code Completion
Adam Brown ORCID logo, Sarah D'Angelo ORCID logo, Ambar Murillo ORCID logo, Ciera Jaspan ORCID logo, and Collin Green ORCID logo
(Google, USA; Google, New Zealand; Google, Germany)
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Unveiling the Potential of a Conversational Agent in Developer Support: Insights from Mozilla’s PDF.js Project
João Correia ORCID logo, Morgan C. Nicholson ORCID logo, Daniel Coutinho ORCID logo, Caio Barbosa ORCID logo, Marco Castelluccio ORCID logo, Marco GerosaORCID logo, Alessandro Garcia ORCID logo, and Igor Steinmacher ORCID logo
(PUC-Rio, Brazil; University of São Paulo, Brazil; Mozilla, United Kingdom; Northern Arizona University, USA)
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Function+Data Flow: A Framework to Specify Machine Learning Pipelines for Digital Twinning
Eduardo de Conto ORCID logo, Blaise Genest ORCID logo, and Arvind Easwaran ORCID logo
(Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; CNRS@CREATE, France; IPAL - CNRS - CNRS@CREATE, France)
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A Transformer-Based Approach for Smart Invocation of Automatic Code Completion
Aral de MoorORCID logo, Arie van Deursen ORCID logo, and Maliheh Izadi ORCID logo
(Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
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From Human-to-Human to Human-to-Bot Conversations in Software Engineering
Ranim Khojah ORCID logo, Francisco Gomes de Oliveira Neto ORCID logo, and Philipp Leitner ORCID logo
(Chalmers - University of Gothenburg, Sweden)
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Unveiling Assumptions: Exploring the Decisions of AI Chatbots and Human Testers
Francisco Gomes de Oliveira Neto ORCID logo
(Chalmers - University of Gothenburg, Sweden)
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Green AI in Action: Strategic Model Selection for Ensembles in Production
Nienke Nijkamp ORCID logo, June Sallou ORCID logo, Niels van der Heijden ORCID logo, and Luís Cruz ORCID logo
(Delft University of Technology, Netherlands; University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
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Measuring Impacts of Poisoning on Model Parameters and Embeddings for Large Language Models of Code
Aftab Hussain ORCID logo, Md Rafiqul Islam RabinORCID logo, and Amin Alipour ORCID logo
(University of Houston, USA)
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A Comparative Analysis of Large Language Models for Code Documentation Generation
Shubhang Shekhar Dvivedi ORCID logo, Vyshnav Vijay ORCID logo, Sai Leela Rahul Pujari ORCID logo, Shoumik Lodh ORCID logo, and Dhruv KumarORCID logo
(IIIT Delhi, India)
An AI System Evaluation Framework for Advancing AI Safety: Terminology, Taxonomy, Lifecycle Mapping
Boming Xia ORCID logo, Qinghua Lu ORCID logo, Liming Zhu ORCID logo, and Zhenchang Xing ORCID logo
(CSIRO’s Data61, Australia; UNSW, Australia; Australian National University, Australia)
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Towards AI for Software Systems
Nafise Eskandani ORCID logo and Guido SalvaneschiORCID logo
(ABB Corporate Research Center, Germany; University of St. Gallen, Switzerland)
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AI-Assisted Assessment of Coding Practices in Modern Code Review
Manushree Vijayvergiya ORCID logo, Małgorzata Salawa ORCID logo, Ivan Budiselic ORCID logo, Dan Zheng ORCID logo, Pascal Lamblin ORCID logo, Marko Ivankovic ORCID logo, Juanjo Carin ORCID logo, Mateusz Lewko ORCID logo, Jovan Andonov ORCID logo, Goran Petrovic ORCID logo, Daniel Tarlow ORCID logo, Petros Maniatis ORCID logo, and René Just ORCID logo
(Google, Switzerland; Google DeepMind, USA; Google DeepMind, Canada; Google, USA; University of Washington, USA)
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Leveraging Machine Learning for Optimal Object-Relational Database Mapping in Software Systems
Sasan Azizian ORCID logo, Elham Rastegari ORCID logo, and Hamid Bagheri ORCID logo
(University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA; University of Creighton, USA)
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A Case Study of LLM for Automated Vulnerability Repair: Assessing Impact of Reasoning and Patch Validation Feedback
Ummay Kulsum ORCID logo, Haotian Zhu ORCID logo, Bowen Xu ORCID logo, and Marcelo d'Amorim ORCID logo
(North Carolina State University, USA; Singapore Management University, Singapore)
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SolMover: Smart Contract Code Translation Based on Concepts
Rabimba Karanjai ORCID logo, Lei Xu ORCID logo, and Weidong Shi ORCID logo
(University of Houston, USA; Kent State University, USA)
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Chain of Targeted Verification Questions to Improve the Reliability of Code Generated by LLMs
Sylvain Kouemo Ngassom ORCID logo, Arghavan Moradi Dakhel ORCID logo, Florian Tambon ORCID logo, and Foutse KhomhORCID logo
(Polytechnique Montréal, Canada)
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The Role of Generative AI in Software Development Productivity: A Pilot Case Study
Mariana Coutinho ORCID logo, Lorena Marques ORCID logo, Anderson Santos ORCID logo, Marcio Dahia ORCID logo, Cesar França ORCID logo, and Ronnie de Souza Santos ORCID logo
(CESAR School, n.n.; University of Calgary, Canada)
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The Art of Programming: Challenges in Generating Code for Creative Applications
Michael Cook ORCID logo
(King’s College London, United Kingdom)
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Automatic Programming vs. Artificial Intelligence
James NobleORCID logo
(Creative Research & Programming, New Zealand; Australian National University, Australia)
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Neuro-Symbolic Approach to Certified Scientific Software Synthesis
Hamid Bagheri ORCID logo, Mehdi Mirakhorli ORCID logo, Mohamad Fazelnia, Ibrahim Mujhid, and Md Rashedul Hasan
(University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA; University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA)
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Effectiveness of ChatGPT for Static Analysis: How Far Are We?
Mohammad Mahdi Mohajer ORCID logo, Reem Aleithan ORCID logo, Nima Shiri Harzevili ORCID logo, Moshi Wei ORCID logo, Alvine Boaye Belle ORCID logo, Hung Viet Pham ORCID logo, and Song Wang ORCID logo
(York University, Canada)
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RUBICON: Rubric-Based Evaluation of Domain-Specific Human AI Conversations
Param Biyani ORCID logo, Yasharth Bajpai ORCID logo, Arjun Radhakrishna ORCID logo, Gustavo Soares ORCID logo, and Sumit GulwaniORCID logo
(Microsoft, USA)
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Challenge Track

Investigating the Potential of Using Large Language Models for Scheduling
Deddy Jobson ORCID logo and Li Yilin ORCID logo
(Mercari, Japan)
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Automated Scheduling for Thematic Coherence in Conferences
Mahzabeen Emu ORCID logo, Tasnim Ahmed ORCID logo, and Salimur Choudhury ORCID logo
(Queen’s University, Canada)
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Conference Program Scheduling using Genetic Algorithms
Rucha Deshpande ORCID logo, Aishwarya Devi Akila Pandian ORCID logo, and Vigneshwaran Dharmalingam ORCID logo
(Purdue University, USA)
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