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3rd International Workshop on Software Development Lifecycle for Mobile (DeMobile 2015), August 31, 2015, Bergamo, Italy

DeMobile 2015 – Proceedings

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Title Page

Keynote Talks

App Store Mining and Analysis (Keynote)
Afnan Al-Subaihin, Anthony Finkelstein, Mark HarmanORCID logo, Yue Jia, William Martin, Federica Sarro, and Yuanyuan Zhang
(University College London, UK)
Walking the Model: The Smart Mobile Field Engineer (Keynote)
Yael Dubinsky
(IBM Research, Israel)

Research Papers

AGRippin: A Novel Search Based Testing Technique for Android Applications
Domenico Amalfitano, Nicola Amatucci, Anna Rita Fasolino, and Porfirio Tramontana
(University of Naples Federico II, Italy)
Detecting Android Malware using Sequences of System Calls
Gerardo Canfora, Eric Medvet, Francesco Mercaldo, and Corrado Aaron Visaggio
(University of Sannio, Italy; University of Trieste, Italy)
Tailoring Software Architecture Concepts and Process for Mobile Application Development
Felix Javier Acero Salazar and Marco Brambilla
(Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
Optimizing Energy of HTTP Requests in Android Applications
Ding Li and William G. J. HalfondORCID logo
(University of Southern California, USA)

Invited Talks

Perspectives on Static Analysis of Mobile Apps (Invited Talk)
Marco Autili, Ivano Malavolta, Alexander Perucci, and Gian Luca Scoccia
(University of L'Aquila, Italy; Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy)
A Mobile Application for Geographical Data Gathering and Validation in Fieldwork (Invited Talk)
Karine Reis Ferreira, Lúbia Vinhas, Cláudio Henrique Bogossian, and André F. Araújo de Carvalho
(National Institute for Space Research, Brazil; Foundation of Science, Technology and Space Applications, Brazil)
CLAPP: Characterizing Loops in Android Applications (Invited Talk)
Yanick Fratantonio, Aravind Machiry, Antonio Bianchi, Christopher Kruegel, and Giovanni Vigna
(University of California at Santa Barbara, USA)
Optimizing Display Energy Consumption for Hybrid Android Apps (Invited Talk)
Ding Li, Angelica Huyen Tran, and William G. J. HalfondORCID logo
(University of Southern California, USA)

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