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Proceedings of the ACM on Software Engineering, Volume 1, Number FSE
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Proceedings of the ACM on Software Engineering, Volume 1, Number FSE, July 15–19, 2024, Porto de Galinhas, Brazil

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JIT-Smart: A Multi-task Learning Framework for Just-in-Time Defect Prediction and Localization
Xiangping Chen ORCID logo, Furen Xu ORCID logo, Yuan Huang ORCID logo, Neng Zhang ORCID logo, and Zibin Zheng ORCID logo
(Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China)
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ChangeRCA: Finding Root Causes from Software Changes in Large Online Systems
Guangba Yu ORCID logo, Pengfei Chen ORCID logo, Zilong He ORCID logo, Qiuyu Yan ORCID logo, Yu Luo ORCID logo, Fangyuan Li ORCID logo, and Zibin Zheng ORCID logo
(Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China; Tencent, China)
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Bin2Summary: Beyond Function Name Prediction in Stripped Binaries with Functionality-Specific Code Embeddings
Zirui Song ORCID logo, Jiongyi Chen ORCID logo, and Kehuan Zhang ORCID logo
(Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; National University of Defense Technology, China)
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Component Security Ten Years Later: An Empirical Study of Cross-Layer Threats in Real-World Mobile Applications
Keke Lian ORCID logo, Lei Zhang ORCID logo, Guangliang Yang ORCID logo, Shuo Mao ORCID logo, Xinjie Wang ORCID logo, Yuan Zhang ORCID logo, and Min Yang ORCID logo
(Fudan University, China)
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Characterizing Python Library Migrations
Mohayeminul Islam ORCID logo, Ajay Kumar Jha ORCID logo, Ildar Akhmetov ORCID logo, and Sarah NadiORCID logo
(University of Alberta, Canada; North Dakota State University, USA; Northeastern University, USA)
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EyeTrans: Merging Human and Machine Attention for Neural Code Summarization
Yifan Zhang ORCID logo, Jiliang Li ORCID logo, Zachary Karas ORCID logo, Aakash Bansal ORCID logo, Toby Jia-Jun Li ORCID logo, Collin McMillan ORCID logo, Kevin Leach ORCID logo, and Yu Huang ORCID logo
(Vanderbilt University, USA; University of Notre Dame, USA)
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LILAC: Log Parsing using LLMs with Adaptive Parsing Cache
Zhihan Jiang ORCID logo, Jinyang Liu ORCID logo, Zhuangbin Chen ORCID logo, Yichen Li ORCID logo, Junjie Huang ORCID logo, Yintong Huo ORCID logo, Pinjia He ORCID logo, Jiazhen Gu ORCID logo, and Michael R. Lyu ORCID logo
(Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China; Sun Yat-sen University, Zhuhai, China; Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, China)
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Efficiently Detecting Reentrancy Vulnerabilities in Complex Smart Contracts
Zexu Wang ORCID logo, Jiachi Chen ORCID logo, Yanlin Wang ORCID logo, Yu Zhang ORCID logo, Weizhe Zhang ORCID logo, and Zibin Zheng ORCID logo
(Sun Yat-sen University, Zhuhai, China; Peng Cheng Laboratory, Shenzhen, China; Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China; GuangDong Engineering Technology Research Center of Blockchain, Zhuhai, China)
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IRCoCo: Immediate Rewards-Guided Deep Reinforcement Learning for Code Completion
Bolun Li ORCID logo, Zhihong Sun ORCID logo, Tao Huang ORCID logo, Hongyu Zhang ORCID logo, Yao Wan ORCID logo, Ge Li ORCID logo, Zhi Jin ORCID logo, and Chen Lyu ORCID logo
(Shandong Normal University, China; Chongqing University, China; Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China; Peking University, China)
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Shadows in the Interface: A Comprehensive Study on Dark Patterns
Liming Nie ORCID logo, Yangyang Zhao ORCID logo, Chenglin Li ORCID logo, Xuqiong Luo ORCID logo, and Yang Liu ORCID logo
(Shenzhen University of Technology, China; Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, China; Changsha University of Science and Technology, China; Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
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ProveNFix: Temporal Property-Guided Program Repair
Yahui Song ORCID logo, Xiang Gao ORCID logo, Wenhua Li ORCID logo, Wei-Ngan ChinORCID logo, and Abhik RoychoudhuryORCID logo
(National University of Singapore, Singapore; Beihang University, China)
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SmartAxe: Detecting Cross-Chain Vulnerabilities in Bridge Smart Contracts via Fine-Grained Static Analysis
Zeqin Liao ORCID logo, Yuhong Nan ORCID logo, Henglong Liang ORCID logo, Sicheng Hao ORCID logo, Juan Zhai ORCID logo, Jiajing Wu ORCID logo, and Zibin Zheng ORCID logo
(Sun Yat-sen University, Zhuhai, China; Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China; University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA; GuangDong Engineering Technology Research Center of Blockchain, Zhuhai, China)
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Predictive Program Slicing via Execution Knowledge-Guided Dynamic Dependence Learning
Aashish Yadavally ORCID logo, Yi Li ORCID logo, and Tien N. Nguyen ORCID logo
(University of Texas, Dallas, USA)
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PBE-Based Selective Abstraction and Refinement for Efficient Property Falsification of Embedded Software
Yoel Kim ORCID logo and Yunja Choi ORCID logo
(Kyungpook National University, South Korea)
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Evaluating Directed Fuzzers: Are We Heading in the Right Direction?
Tae Eun Kim ORCID logo, Jaeseung Choi ORCID logo, Seongjae Im ORCID logo, Kihong Heo ORCID logo, and Sang Kil ChaORCID logo
(KAIST, South Korea; Sogang University, South Korea)
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DyPyBench: A Benchmark of Executable Python Software
Islem Bouzenia ORCID logo, Bajaj Piyush Krishan ORCID logo, and Michael Pradel ORCID logo
(University of Stuttgart, Germany)
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Predicting Configuration Performance in Multiple Environments with Sequential Meta-Learning
Jingzhi Gong ORCID logo and Tao Chen ORCID logo
(University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China; Loughborough University, United Kingdom; University of Birmingham, United Kingdom)
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R2I: A Relative Readability Metric for Decompiled Code
Haeun Eom ORCID logo, Dohee Kim ORCID logo, Sori Lim ORCID logo, Hyungjoon Koo ORCID logo, and Sungjae Hwang ORCID logo
(Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea)
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DiffCoder: Enhancing Large Language Model on API Invocation via Analogical Code Exercises
Daoguang Zan ORCID logo, Ailun Yu ORCID logo, Bo Shen ORCID logo, Bei Chen ORCID logo, Wei Li ORCID logo, Yongshun Gong ORCID logo, Xiaolin Chen ORCID logo, Yafen Yao ORCID logo, Weihua Luo ORCID logo, Bei Guan ORCID logo, Yan Liu ORCID logo, Yongji Wang ORCID logo, Qianxiang Wang ORCID logo, and Lizhen Cui ORCID logo
(Institute of Software at Chinese Academy of Sciences, China; University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China; Peking University, China; Huawei Technologies, China; Independent Researcher, China; Shandong University, China; Funcun-wuyou Technologies, China)
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Maximizing Patch Coverage for Testing of Highly-Configurable Software without Exploding Build Times
Necip Fazıl YıldıranORCID logo, Jeho Oh ORCID logo, Julia Lawall ORCID logo, and Paul GazzilloORCID logo
(University of Central Florida, USA; University of Texas, Austin, USA; Inria, France)
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Abstraction-Aware Inference of Metamorphic Relations
Agustín Nolasco ORCID logo, Facundo Molina ORCID logo, Renzo Degiovanni ORCID logo, Alessandra GorlaORCID logo, Diego GarbervetskyORCID logo, Mike Papadakis ORCID logo, Sebastian Uchitel ORCID logo, Nazareno AguirreORCID logo, and Marcelo F. Frias ORCID logo
(University of Rio Cuarto, Argentina; IMDEA Software Institute, Spain; University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg; University of Buenos Aires, Argentina; Imperial College London, United Kingdom; CONICET, Argentina; Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
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TraStrainer: Adaptive Sampling for Distributed Traces with System Runtime State
Haiyu Huang ORCID logo, Xiaoyu Zhang ORCID logo, Pengfei Chen ORCID logo, Zilong He ORCID logo, Zhiming Chen ORCID logo, Guangba Yu ORCID logo, Hongyang Chen ORCID logo, and Chen Sun ORCID logo
(Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China; Huawei, China)
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Fast Graph Simplification for Path-Sensitive Typestate Analysis through Tempo-Spatial Multi-Point Slicing
Xiao Cheng ORCID logo, Jiawei Ren ORCID logo, and Yulei Sui ORCID logo
(UNSW, Australia)
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Understanding Developers’ Discussions and Perceptions on Non-functional Requirements: The Case of the Spring Ecosystem
Anderson Oliveira ORCID logo, João Correia ORCID logo, Wesley K. G. AssunçãoORCID logo, Juliana Alves Pereira ORCID logo, Rafael de Mello ORCID logo, Daniel Coutinho ORCID logo, Caio Barbosa ORCID logo, Paulo Libório ORCID logo, and Alessandro Garcia ORCID logo
(PUC-Rio, Brazil; North Carolina State University, USA; Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
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Adapting Multi-objectivized Software Configuration Tuning
Tao Chen ORCID logo and Miqing Li ORCID logo
(University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China; University of Birmingham, United Kingdom)
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CodeArt: Better Code Models by Attention Regularization When Symbols Are Lacking
Zian Su ORCID logo, Xiangzhe Xu ORCID logo, Ziyang Huang ORCID logo, Zhuo Zhang ORCID logo, Yapeng Ye ORCID logo, Jianjun Huang ORCID logo, and Xiangyu ZhangORCID logo
(Purdue University, USA; Renmin University of China, China)
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Natural Is the Best: Model-Agnostic Code Simplification for Pre-trained Large Language Models
Yan Wang ORCID logo, Xiaoning Li ORCID logo, Tien N. Nguyen ORCID logo, Shaohua Wang ORCID logo, Chao NiORCID logo, and Ling Ding ORCID logo
(Central University of Finance and Economics, China; University of Texas, Dallas, USA; Zhejiang University, China)
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Go Static: Contextualized Logging Statement Generation
Yichen Li ORCID logo, Yintong Huo ORCID logo, Renyi Zhong ORCID logo, Zhihan Jiang ORCID logo, Jinyang Liu ORCID logo, Junjie Huang ORCID logo, Jiazhen Gu ORCID logo, Pinjia He ORCID logo, and Michael R. Lyu ORCID logo
(Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China; Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, China)
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Unprecedented Code Change Automation: The Fusion of LLMs and Transformation by Example
Malinda DilharaORCID logo, Abhiram Bellur ORCID logo, Timofey Bryksin ORCID logo, and Danny Dig ORCID logo
(University of Colorado, Boulder, USA; JetBrains Research, Cyprus)
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Syntax Is All You Need: A Universal-Language Approach to Mutant Generation
Sourav Deb ORCID logo, Kush Jain ORCID logo, Rijnard van Tonder ORCID logo, Claire Le GouesORCID logo, and Alex GroceORCID logo
(Northern Arizona University, USA; Carnegie Mellon University, USA; Mysten Labs, USA)
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CodePlan: Repository-Level Coding using LLMs and Planning
Ramakrishna Bairi ORCID logo, Atharv Sonwane ORCID logo, Aditya Kanade ORCID logo, Vageesh D. C. ORCID logo, Arun IyerORCID logo, Suresh Parthasarathy ORCID logo, Sriram Rajamani ORCID logo, B. Ashok ORCID logo, and Shashank Shet ORCID logo
(Microsoft Research, India)
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Rocks Coding, Not Development: A Human-Centric, Experimental Evaluation of LLM-Supported SE Tasks
Wei Wang ORCID logo, Huilong Ning ORCID logo, Gaowei Zhang ORCID logo, Libo Liu ORCID logo, and Yi Wang ORCID logo
(Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China; University of Melbourne, Australia)
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Understanding and Detecting Annotation-Induced Faults of Static Analyzers
Huaien Zhang ORCID logo, Yu Pei ORCID logo, Shuyun Liang ORCID logo, and Shin Hwei Tan ORCID logo
(Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China; Southern University of Science and Technology, China; Concordia University, Canada)
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Only diff Is Not Enough: Generating Commit Messages Leveraging Reasoning and Action of Large Language Model
Jiawei Li ORCID logo, David Faragó ORCID logo, Christian Petrov ORCID logo, and Iftekhar Ahmed ORCID logo
(University of California, Irvine, USA; Innoopract, Germany; QPR Technologies, Germany)
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DeSQL: Interactive Debugging of SQL in Data-Intensive Scalable Computing
Sabaat Haroon ORCID logo, Chris Brown ORCID logo, and Muhammad Ali Gulzar ORCID logo
(Virginia Tech, USA)
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CORE: Resolving Code Quality Issues using LLMs
Nalin Wadhwa ORCID logo, Jui Pradhan ORCID logo, Atharv Sonwane ORCID logo, Surya Prakash Sahu ORCID logo, Nagarajan Natarajan ORCID logo, Aditya Kanade ORCID logo, Suresh Parthasarathy ORCID logo, and Sriram Rajamani ORCID logo
(Microsoft Research, India)
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Towards AI-Assisted Synthesis of Verified Dafny Methods
Md Rakib Hossain Misu ORCID logo, Cristina V. Lopes ORCID logo, Iris Ma ORCID logo, and James Noble ORCID logo
(University of California, Irvine, USA; Creative Research & Programming, New Zealand; Australian National University, Australia)
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AROMA: Automatic Reproduction of Maven Artifacts
Mehdi Keshani ORCID logo, Tudor-Gabriel Velican ORCID logo, Gideon Bot ORCID logo, and Sebastian Proksch ORCID logo
(Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
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Harnessing Neuron Stability to Improve DNN Verification
Hai Duong ORCID logo, Dong Xu ORCID logo, Thanhvu NguyenORCID logo, and Matthew B. Dwyer ORCID logo
(George Mason University, USA; University of Virginia, USA)
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“The Law Doesn’t Work Like a Computer”: Exploring Software Licensing Issues Faced by Legal Practitioners
Nathan Wintersgill ORCID logo, Trevor Stalnaker ORCID logo, Laura A. Heymann ORCID logo, Oscar ChaparroORCID logo, and Denys PoshyvanykORCID logo
(William & Mary, USA)
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COSTELLO: Contrastive Testing for Embedding-Based Large Language Model as a Service Embeddings
Weipeng Jiang ORCID logo, Juan Zhai ORCID logo, Shiqing Ma ORCID logo, Xiaoyu Zhang ORCID logo, and Chao Shen ORCID logo
(Xi’an Jiaotong University, China; University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA)
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How Does Simulation-Based Testing for Self-Driving Cars Match Human Perception?
Christian Birchler ORCID logo, Tanzil Kombarabettu Mohammed ORCID logo, Pooja Rani ORCID logo, Teodora Nechita ORCID logo, Timo Kehrer ORCID logo, and Sebastiano Panichella ORCID logo
(Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland; University of Bern, Switzerland; University of Zurich, Switzerland)
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Code-Aware Prompting: A Study of Coverage-Guided Test Generation in Regression Setting using LLM
Gabriel Ryan ORCID logo, Siddhartha Jain ORCID logo, Mingyue Shang ORCID logo, Shiqi Wang ORCID logo, Xiaofei Ma ORCID logo, Murali Krishna Ramanathan ORCID logo, and Baishakhi Ray ORCID logo
(Columbia University, USA; AWS AI Labs, USA)
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Enhancing Code Understanding for Impact Analysis by Combining Transformers and Program Dependence Graphs
Yanfu Yan ORCID logo, Nathan Cooper ORCID logo, Kevin Moran ORCID logo, Gabriele BavotaORCID logo, Denys PoshyvanykORCID logo, and Steve Rich ORCID logo
(William & Mary, USA; University of Central Florida, USA; USI Lugano, Lugano, Switzerland; Cisco Systems, USA)
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RavenBuild: Context, Relevance, and Dependency Aware Build Outcome Prediction
Gengyi Sun ORCID logo, Sarra Habchi ORCID logo, and Shane McIntoshORCID logo
(University of Waterloo, Canada; Ubisoft Montréal, Canada)
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Towards Efficient Verification of Constant-Time Cryptographic Implementations
Luwei Cai ORCID logo, Fu SongORCID logo, and Taolue Chen ORCID logo
(ShanghaiTech University, China; Institute of Software at Chinese Academy of Sciences, China; University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China; Nanjing Institute of Software Technology, China; Birkbeck University of London, United Kingdom)
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Generative AI for Pull Request Descriptions: Adoption, Impact, and Developer Interventions
Tao Xiao ORCID logo, Hideaki Hata ORCID logo, Christoph Treude ORCID logo, and Kenichi Matsumoto ORCID logo
(NAIST, Japan; Shinshu University, Japan; Singapore Management University, Singapore)
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AI-Assisted Code Authoring at Scale: Fine-Tuning, Deploying, and Mixed Methods Evaluation
Vijayaraghavan Murali ORCID logo, Chandra Maddila ORCID logo, Imad Ahmad ORCID logo, Michael Bolin ORCID logo, Daniel Cheng ORCID logo, Negar Ghorbani ORCID logo, Renuka Fernandez ORCID logo, Nachiappan Nagappan ORCID logo, and Peter C. Rigby ORCID logo
(Meta Platforms, USA; Meta, USA; Concordia University, Canada)
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Improving the Learning of Code Review Successive Tasks with Cross-Task Knowledge Distillation
Oussama Ben Sghaier ORCID logo and Houari Sahraoui ORCID logo
(Université de Montréal, Canada)
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Refactoring to Pythonic Idioms: A Hybrid Knowledge-Driven Approach Leveraging Large Language Models
Zejun Zhang ORCID logo, Zhenchang Xing ORCID logo, Xiaoxue Ren ORCID logo, Qinghua Lu ORCID logo, and Xiwei Xu ORCID logo
(Australian National University, Australia; CSIRO’s Data61, Australia; Zhejiang University, China)
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Java JIT Testing with Template Extraction
Zhiqiang Zang ORCID logo, Fu-Yao Yu ORCID logo, Aditya Thimmaiah ORCID logo, August ShiORCID logo, and Milos GligoricORCID logo
(University of Texas, Austin, USA)
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BRF: Fuzzing the eBPF Runtime
Hsin-Wei Hung ORCID logo and Ardalan Amiri Sani ORCID logo
(University of California, Irvine, USA)
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DTD: Comprehensive and Scalable Testing for Debuggers
Hongyi Lu ORCID logo, Zhibo Liu ORCID logo, Shuai Wang ORCID logo, and Fengwei Zhang ORCID logo
(Southern University of Science and Technology, China; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China)
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PPM: Automated Generation of Diverse Programming Problems for Benchmarking Code Generation Models
Simin Chen ORCID logo, XiaoNing Feng ORCID logo, Xiaohong Han ORCID logo, Cong Liu ORCID logo, and Wei YangORCID logo
(University of Texas, Dallas, USA; Taiyuan University of Technology, China; University of California, Riverside, USA)
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Metamorphic Testing of Secure Multi-party Computation (MPC) Compilers
Yichen Li ORCID logo, Dongwei Xiao ORCID logo, Zhibo Liu ORCID logo, Qi Pang ORCID logo, and Shuai Wang ORCID logo
(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China; Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
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Understanding the Impact of APIs Behavioral Breaking Changes on Client Applications
Dhanushka Jayasuriya ORCID logo, Valerio Terragni ORCID logo, Jens Dietrich ORCID logo, and Kelly Blincoe ORCID logo
(University of Auckland, New Zealand; Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
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