CC 2017
26th International Conference on Compiler Construction (CC 2017)
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26th International Conference on Compiler Construction (CC 2017), February 5–6, 2017, Austin, TX, USA

CC 2017 – Proceedings

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Messages from the Chairs

Concurrency and Parallelism

Partially Redundant Fence Elimination for x86, ARM, and Power Processors
Robin Morisset and Francesco Zappa Nardelli
(ENS, France; Inria, France)
Lightweight Data Race Detection for Production Runs
Swarnendu Biswas, Man Cao, Minjia Zhang ORCID logo, Michael D. Bond ORCID logo, and Benjamin P. Wood
(University of Texas at Austin, USA; Ohio State University, USA; Microsoft Research, USA; Wellesley College, USA)
Optimized Two-Level Parallelization for GPU Accelerators using the Polyhedral Model
Jun Shirako, Akihiro Hayashi, and Vivek Sarkar
(Rice University, USA)
Optimization Space Pruning without Regrets
Ulysse Beaugnon, Antoine Pouille, Marc Pouzet ORCID logo, Jacques Pienaar ORCID logo, and Albert Cohen
(ENS, France; Google, USA; Inria, France)


Compile-Time Function Memoization
Arjun Suresh, Erven Rohou ORCID logo, and André Seznec
(Ohio State University, USA; Inria, France)
One Compiler: Deoptimization to Optimized Code
Christian Wimmer ORCID logo, Vojin Jovanovic ORCID logo, Erik Eckstein, and Thomas Würthinger ORCID logo
(Oracle Labs, USA; Oracle Labs, Switzerland; Oracle Labs, Austria)
Static Optimization in PHP 7
Nikita Popov, Biagio Cosenza, Ben Juurlink, and Dmitry Stogov
(TU Berlin, Germany; Zend Technologies, Russia)
From Functional Programs to Pipelined Dataflow Circuits
Richard Townsend, Martha A. Kim, and Stephen A. Edwards
(Columbia University, USA)


Granullar: Gradual Nullable Types for Java
Dan Brotherston, Werner DietlORCID logo, and Ondřej Lhoták ORCID logo
(University of Waterloo, Canada)
Let It Recover: Multiparty Protocol-Induced Recovery
Rumyana Neykova and Nobuko Yoshida ORCID logo
(Imperial College London, UK)

Program Analysis

Data Structure-Aware Heap Partitioning
Nouraldin Jaber ORCID logo and Milind KulkarniORCID logo
(Purdue University, USA)
Dynamic Symbolic Execution for Polymorphism
Lian Li, Yi Lu, and Jingling Xue ORCID logo
(Oracle Labs, Australia; Institute of Computing Technology at Chinese Academy of Sciences, China; UNSW, Australia) A Unified Binary Analysis Framework to Recover CFGs and Function Boundaries
Alessandro Di Federico, Mathias Payer ORCID logo, and Giovanni Agosta
(Politecnico di Milano, Italy; Purdue University, USA)

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