AVM 2012
2012 7th Alpine Verification Meeting (AVM)
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2012 7th Alpine Verification Meeting (AVM), May 21-22, 2012, Passau, Germany

AVM 2012 – Proceedings

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New Trends in Program Synthesis (Keynote)
Thomas A. Henzinger
(IST Austria, Austria)

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A Perfect Model for Bounded Verification (Keynote)
Javier Esparza
(TU Munich, Germany)

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Session Zugspitze
Mon, May 21, 10:15 - 11:30

Synthesizing Software Verifiers from Proof Rules
Corneliu Popeea
(TU Munich, Germany)

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Refinement Framework for Monadic Programs in Isabelle/HOL
Peter Lammich
(TU Munich, Germany)

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A Formalisation of Finite Automata in Isabelle/HOL
Thomas Tuerk
(TU Munich, Germany)

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Session Black Forrest
Mon, May 21, 12:50 - 14:30

Engage: A Deployment Management System
Shahram Esmaeilsabzali
(MPI-SWS, Germany)

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Nested Interpolants in SMTinterpol
Jochen Hoenicke
(Uni Freiburg, Germany)

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The Theory of Arrays with Set and Copy
Florian Merz
(KIT, Germany)

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Simplification of Verification by Program Transformation
Alexander Schremmer
(Uni Paderborn, Germany)

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Session Schneeberg
Tue, May 22, 10:00 - 11:15

Synthesizing Robust Systems
Bettina Könighofer
(TU Graz, Austria)

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Synthesis from Incompatible Specifications
Arjun Radhakrishna
(IST, Austria)

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Parameterized Synthesis
Ayrat Khalimov
(TU Graz, Austria)

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Session Danube
Tue, May 22, 12:25 - 14:30

Scalable Certificate Extraction for QBF
Mathias Preiner
(JKU Linz, Austria)

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CEGAR for an Explicit-Value Analysis
Stefan Löwe
(Uni Passau, Germany)

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Efficient Techniques for Manipulation of Non-deterministic Tree Automata
Ondrej Lengal
(TU Brno, Czech Republic)

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Symbolic Loop Bounds for WCET Analysis
Jakob Zwirchmayr
(TU Vienna, Austria)

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Counter Attack against Byzantine Generals
Josef Widder
(TU Vienna, Austria)

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Session Adamello
Tue, May 22, 15:00 - 16:40

Strong and Weak Controllability of Temporal Problems with Uncertainty Using SMT
Andrea Micheli
(FBK, Italy)

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Library-Based Fault Injection for Formal Safety Assessment
Cristian Mattarei
(FBK, Italy)

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FunFrog: Function Summarization-Based Model Checking
Grigory Fedyukovich
(Uni Lugano, Switzerland)

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Accelerating Interpolants
Hossein Hojjat
(EPFL, Switzerland)

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