SPLASH Workshops 2017
2017 ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages, and Applications: Software for Humanity (SPLASH Workshops 2017)
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7th ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on Programming Based on Actors, Agents, and Decentralized Control (AGERE 2017), October 23, 2017, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Workshop AGERE 2017 – Author Index

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Bagherzadeh, Mehdi AGERE'17: "Order Types: Static Reasoning ..."
Blessing, Sebastian AGERE'17: "Tree Topologies for Causal ..."
Boix, Elisa Gonzalez AGERE'17: "A Principled Approach towards ..."
Charousset, Dominik AGERE'17: "Locality-Guided Scheduling ..."
Clebsch, Sylvan AGERE'17: "Tree Topologies for Causal ..."
De Koster, Joeri AGERE'17: "Sparrow: A DSL for Coordinating ..."
De Meuter, Wolfgang AGERE'17: "Sparrow: A DSL for Coordinating ..."
Drossopoulou, Sophia AGERE'17: "Tree Topologies for Causal ..."
Hiesgen, Raphael AGERE'17: "Locality-Guided Scheduling ..."
Marr, Stefan AGERE'17: "A Principled Approach towards ..."
Mössenböck, Hanspeter AGERE'17: "A Principled Approach towards ..."
Rajan, Hridesh AGERE'17: "Order Types: Static Reasoning ..."
Rodriguez Avila, Humberto AGERE'17: "Sparrow: A DSL for Coordinating ..."
Schmidt, Thomas C. AGERE'17: "Locality-Guided Scheduling ..."
Scholliers, Christophe AGERE'17: "A Principled Approach towards ..."
Shibanai, Kazuhiro AGERE'17: "Actoverse: A Reversible Debugger ..."
Torres Lopez, Carmen AGERE'17: "A Principled Approach towards ..."
Watanabe, Takuo AGERE'17: "Actoverse: A Reversible Debugger ..."
Wölke, Sebastian AGERE'17: "Locality-Guided Scheduling ..."

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