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1st Industry Track for Software Language Engineering (ITSLE 2016), October 31, 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Workshop ITSLE 2016 – Author Index

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Berg, Christian ITSLE'16: "A Domain Specific Language ..."
Bosman, Joost ITSLE'16: "Solving the Bank with Rebel: ..."
Brand, Mark van den ITSLE'16: "Pattern Specification and ..." ITSLE'16: "Udapt: Edapt Extensions for ..."
Hamilton, Marc ITSLE'16: "Pattern Specification and ..."
Mengerink, Josh G. M. ITSLE'16: "Udapt: Edapt Extensions for ..."
Pepels, Betsy ITSLE'16: "Model Driven Software Engineering ..."
Reniers, Michel ITSLE'16: "Integrated Simulation of CIF3 ..."
Saul, Benjamin ITSLE'16: "A Domain Specific Language ..."
Schiffelers, Ramon R. H. ITSLE'16: "Udapt: Edapt Extensions for ..."
Serebrenik, Alexander ITSLE'16: "Udapt: Edapt Extensions for ..."
Sharma, Abhishek ITSLE'16: "Integrated Simulation of CIF3 ..."
Stoel, Jouke ITSLE'16: "Solving the Bank with Rebel: ..."
Storm, Tijs van der ITSLE'16: "Solving the Bank with Rebel: ..."
Şutîi, Ana Maria ITSLE'16: "Pattern Specification and ..."
Vinju, Jurgen ITSLE'16: "Solving the Bank with Rebel: ..."
Voelter, Markus ITSLE'16: "Lessons Learned about Language ..."
Zanten, Gert Veldhuijzen van ITSLE'16: "Model Driven Software Engineering ..."
Zhang, Jia ITSLE'16: "Pattern Specification and ..."
Zimmermann, Wolf ITSLE'16: "A Domain Specific Language ..."

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