Help on Formatting Papers

Help for Word with TAPS

The following steps are mandatory for papers to be processed with TAPS.

  1. Download the ACM template for TAPS processing ACM template for TAPS processing
  2. Attach the downloaded template into the Word file.
  3. Apply appropriate style to each element of Head, Body, and Reference.
  4. Run Crosslinking to auto-hyperlink all citations from Template ribbon.
  5. Press 'ACM Template' button and run 'Manuscript Validation'.
  6. If the validation process was successful, upload the paper to the submission system.

Note: Without validated paper is not accepted in TAPS system.

The TAPS team from Aptara has collected the following videos that users found helful:

  1. New Workflow Template for ACM Authors, by Julie R. Williamson
  2. Final Submission and TAPS Author Workflow, by Julie R. Williamson
  3. ACM formatting using MS word 2016, by Loni Hagen

Help on Producing Videos and Caption Files